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October 11, 2010 — A reporter from Fox News ( interviewed us today on the 10 best places to retire. She also had some related questions on how to find the best place to retire. The results of the interview, 2 separate articles, came out today on

The first article, “Where You Will Retire“, is the more interesting of the 2. Noelle Watters asked some thought-provoking questions that gave us the platform to offer some friendly advice on a few questions every retiree should be informed about. Her questions included: “What makes a place a popular retirement locale (lots of different factors), “Does weather play a factor” (yes), “Do people tend to buy or rent” (mostly buy), “Where do people find out about retirement towns” (how about Topretirements!), “How important is cost of living in their decisions (very),

The second piece was “The Top 10 Places to Retire“. This one is a straightforward run-down of the top 10 places to retire from – Asheville, Sarasota, Prescott, Paris (TN), Austin, Green Valley, Winston-Salem, Beaufort (SC), San Diego, and Fort Myers. The editor quotes the beginning of our site review and includes home price information for each of these popular towns.

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Sun Shines on Topretirements List of 100 Best Places to Retire

Posted by John Brady on October 12th, 2010


  1. You failed to mention the largest retirement community outside the United States with one of the best climates in the world. And with a lifestyle and cost of living unmatched in the US. Chapala, Mexico. See you there soon?


    by Billy Kaderli — October 13, 2010

  2. Now I’m totally confused. This latest article from AARP on the 10 best/worst by Money-Rate almost seems like the lists are turned around with NC, SC & TN dropping out of favor. Is there really any place that’s the best? I do like the concept of “toy” friendly, and 3 car garages. What I don’t like about most communities is all the rules.

    by A Sharpe — October 13, 2010

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