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Not for pickleball players

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not for pickleball player

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:51 pm    Post subject: Not for pickleball players Reply with quote

Meritage Homes is not listening to concerns from Mission Royale residents in regards to how undersized the club house and pickleball courts will be at build out.
The HOA is still totally controlled by Meritage, and it will be until build out is reached. Having the developer control the HOA is NOT a desireable situation. The HOA BOD continues to turn it\'s back on the Pickleball club\'s continuing proactive efforts to work with them in regards to the desire(need) to have a medium term plan to expand the courts. This group would like to partner (as in pay for parts of the expansion through ongoing fund raising) with developer to build more courts. The HOA\'s BOD continues to totally ignore, be unresponsive, to these efforts. reports the founder and current CEO of Meritage Homes, Steven Hilton, raked in $7.25 million in salary in 2013. Obviously Mr. Hilton is in business to sell houses; not to meet the needs of those who want to make that house their home. Another MEGACORP Billionaire who has forgotten that us little people pay his salary?
Robson Ranch, nearby in Eloy, recently increased their number of pickleball courts to 22; we have SIX. Robson also added a 25,000 sq.ft. addition to their already generously sized clubhouse. Palm Creek (an RV + Park Model prototype in Casa Grande) has 24 pickleball courts and many more clubhouse activities than Mission Royale.
It is VERY disappointing to show up to peak period Pickleball league play and have to stand around with as many as 16 people waiting to play. Mission Royale could immediately support 12 courts; at build out double this number should be in place.
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