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First Impression of "The Villages"

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:55 am    Post subject: First Impression of "The Villages" Reply with quote

After hearing so much about "The Villages" my wife and I decided to check it out for ourselves. We spent 5 days this past October looking at homes and using the facilities under the community's promotional "Lifestyle" package. Overall, we were very impressed. It's very hard, if impossible, to beat, let alone equal, the variety and level of activities and amenities offered to its residents. While 90% of the activities listed hold no interest to me,free executive golf IS a nice perk. The way the community describes itself is very accurate. I must say, that I found everything we saw there to be very nice or even nicer than I had envisioned.

The one MAJOR drawback, however,that we noted, at the time of our visit, is that EVERYONE "seemed" or appeared to be at least 10 years older than my wife and I are right now or considerably older than that (e.g. in their 70's and 80's). I'm presently 58, and retiring at the end of December 2009. It could be that the "snowbirds" hadn't come down yet for the winter season as they tend to be a bit younger perhaps. However, it was this age disparity that was the one major turn off to me and would in all probability keep me considering living in the Villages at this point in my life. Also, since "The Villages" is something like 45 Square miles of "self containment" you really don't get a "break" from being around all these "old" people. I have nothing against seniors but I'm not so sure I want to be around so many of them 24/7. While I'm catching up with these people age-wise, at this stage of my life, it just makes me feel older than I already am. Hence, I think its premature to for me personally to be considering "The Villages." However, it may take a second visit "in season" to make sure my assessment was correct.

Some other more minor negatives is that "The Villages" are about an hour and half from the Orlando airport. Personally, I'd like to be 20 minutes to a half an hour away from the closest major airport since I inititally intend to do a more travelling when I first retire and while I'm still able to get around comfortably. Also, I think it would stll bothers me to be away from one of the Florida coasts. Part of the attraction of the Florida lifestyle, to me, is being close to either the ocean or the gulf beaches. An hour and a half ride or so, to get to the coast or ocean is a bit of a trek. There are of course pluses and minuses to this location issue.In any event, our quest for a place to retire to away from the high cost of living on Long Island continues as we're not "sold" on Florida either.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:24 am    Post subject: Great post Reply with quote

Docdearth2- thanks for the wonderful contribution of your observations about life in The Villages. There really is no substitute for actually trying out a community for a few days, you were smart to do so. I think most people feel like they are the young ones when they move into a community, and after a few years, if they are lucky enough, they feel like the older people. I am with you however about being around older people every day - not sure I am ready for that. Great post, thanks!
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 4:18 pm    Post subject: Too Old-- Reply with quote

[What a great way of looking at this.Ive found this to be so true,this is what Ive been walking into.NOt to be disrepectful or anything,because all the places I visited everyone treated my wife and I like gold.Great Post Cool [/b]
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:51 am    Post subject: Villages in Venice, FL - contact me for more info Reply with quote

Have you considered Venice, Florida is on the westcoast.It is a retirement area, median age is 69.We have a beautiful growing community here called Islandwalk at the West Villages, which is a gated community and a similiar concept but all ages which include families with children.They have not stopped building despite the economy, as most developments it is being built in Phases.It will be a Resort encompassing amenities such as a fitness center, heated lap pool (completed), heated lagoon pool, 8 lighted tennis courts (completed), basketball court, bocce ball courts Tennis pavilion, Main Hall, Lakeside gazebo, Tot lot, Card room, library, Post Office, Beauty Salon, Gift shop, multi-purpose rooms (next to be built), convenience store, bank, deli, gas pumps and car wash.The whole development is layed out in Venetian style with small foot bridges throughout the community and a wildlife preserve with a bridge to walk across the center.It has been designed so that all lots back up to water so that everyone has a breathtaking view.Not to mention it's right down the road from as many stores as one could possible want. Prices start at $187,900.Venice has many of the Arts, theater and culture to offer as well as being know for as The Sharkstooth Capital of the World. Beaches are beautiful and there is a walking trail that lines the Intercoastal.Come visit, you won't want to leave.
They offer the following 3 options:
Paired villas called the Carrington, 1542 sq ft, including the garage and lanai 2128 sq ft, starting at $187,900 maintenance fees $263 per month.
Single family home called the Oakmont, 2003 sq ft, including garage and lanai 2700 sq ft, starting at 259,900 maintenance fee $269 per month
Single family home called the Carlyle, 2516 sq ft, including garage, lanai entry porch 3405 sq ft, starting at $285,900 maintenance fee $275 per month
All of the homes are built around water and have a beautiful waterview. The community has a lap pool and tennis courts already and they'll be starting the Club House soon.They have these really cool Venetian looking foot bridges connecting the community and a wooden walking trail that goes over one of the wetland preserves.I think you'd be very impressed with the community.Airport is 30 minutes away.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:38 am    Post subject: The Villages Reply with quote

I can honestly say that you will find all age levels in this community. Since you tried the 5 days and were somewhat impressed, I suggest that you come down for a week during Jan-April. I retired young (59) and have lived here in The Villages for 3+ years. I have friends who are in their 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and a couple in their 90's. Age like time really doesn't matter when your retired, what really matters is how much fun you are having at that moment in time and who you are with. As to being close to an airport, that's great if you want to be in a flight path, but an hour or two away won't kill you. Being "centrally" located I can go to Orlando, Tampa or even Jacksonville to get anywhere in the world. Most people want to travel when they retire and most of us 'cruise' from either Miami, Port Canavrl, Tampa. The one great advantage to living "centrally" is that you can get to either coast in about an hour and during hurricane season, you'll be glad you are inland 45 - 65 miles, some wind, rain but that's about it. Try also the Ocala or Gainsville areas. Come back an see us, Y'all!
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