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Located on the beautiful Delmarva Peninsula and the coast, Rehoboth Beach has become a popular spot for year-round retirement. The beaches and the town are beautiful; Delaware is considered tax-friendly.
A recent member suggestion was for us to write about the experiences of people who have decided not to move in retirement.  We agree, it's an interesting topic.  Here is our report, but what we are really looking for are the experiences - pros and cons - of you, our members.
If the outdoors and natural beauty on must-haves on your happy retirement list, consider Whitefish. It's on a beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains, and even has an Amtrak stop.  Although real estate is pricey, theskiing, hunting, fishing, hiking are all top notch.
A recent GAO study found that 3% of retirement age people still have student debt - some of it delinquent. Many of these people will face reduced Social Security payments to pay that off.
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