Baby Boomers Lowering Average Age in Retirement Communities

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The average age of active adult and retirement communities was reasonably stable – until now. While the original active adult communities like Century Village and Sun City have been getting older as their early residents aged in place, this was countered in the overall population by residents in newer communities, who tend to be on the younger side. Enter those darn baby boomers, the oldest of whom are now turning 63.

One of the more interesting examples of this demographic tilt is occuring in Laguna Woods Village, a huge (18,000 residents) and long-established active adult community in California. Baby boomers are tilting Laguna Woods’ average age scale youngward – to about 67 from 70 a few years ago. Boomers have formed their own club for “young’uns”, as some call them. The Boomers Club is one of 250 clubs at Laguna Woods Village, and one of its fastest growing. The Boomers Club offers a chance for its members to pursue their type of music, dance, and parties – as well as the chance to hang with fellow members of “My Generation”. Boomers have at least one big event a month while also getting together to visit Laguna Woods TGIFs venue on a weekly basis. They also plan hikes and trips together. Membership costs $45/year. About half the club’s members are married, and many of are still working.

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Posted by Admin on January 8th, 2009

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  1. As noted, the newer the active adult community, the younger the average age – makes sense, because when people get into one of these types of communities, they tend to stay – an indication that they are satisfying residents’ needs. Active Adult communities are accommodating residents by adding more classes/activities early in the morning and in the evening – the assumption that those living in these commuities aren’t working is passe!

    Jan Cullinane, co-author, The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life (Rodale, 2007)

    by Jan Cullinane — January 10, 2009

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