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At The Lake – Where the (Retirement) Living is Easy

Category: Best Retirement Towns and States

July 22, 2012. Note: This is Part 2 of a series. Part 1 on retiring at the lake was published in 2011. This installment lists more great lake towns for retirement. We hope you will add your ideas for the best lake retirement spots in the Comments section.

In our recent survey on “where to live” preferences, living on the beach was the third most popular choice. Although we wished we had also provided a “lake” option, we guess that being near the beach and living on a lake are close to being interchangeable, although not exactly the same. If we had listed the lake (more…)

Posted by Admin on July 22nd, 2014
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Social Security Loophole Can Lead to Windfall

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

July 16, 2014 — A recent story in MarketWatch by Robert Klein highlights a little known but interesting wrinkle to the “file and suspend” strategy for maximizing Social Security benefits. The wrinkle can result in a significant windfall of cash, which might be particularly useful if you contract a life-threatening illness before age 70.

For background, the file and suspend strategy is mainly taken to allow one spouse to collect the spousal benefit while the other spouse continues to accrue benefits past Full Retirement Age (age 66 to 67 for baby boomers). In this strategy one spouse (more…)

Posted by Admin on July 16th, 2014
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The Best Road Trips for Baby Boomers

Category: Adventurous retirement

July 14, 2014 — It’s summertime and that means it must be time to plan a road trip – either for now or in the fall when the weather cools and traffic subsides. We are pretty sure that most baby boomers have a few routes on their personal bucket lists. In this article we will list 12 of our personal favorites to help you consider the possibilities. We also invite our members to suggest their “bests” in the Comments section below.

Types of great highways
You don’t have to drive far to find a great road – just about everyone probably has a favorite highway in their own part of the country. One that is near us in Connecticut is (more…)

Posted by Admin on July 14th, 2014
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An Alternative Retirement Lifestyle Option: The International Inclusive

Category: International Retirement

By Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Does living in the States just cost too much?

We realize that not everyone wants to own property even if they have the assets to do so. Some people might not want to tie up their net worth in real estate but they have cash flow upon which to live, perhaps to enjoy vacations and foreign travel. Maintaining a comfortable lifestyle in the States can be costly. You might still have a mortgage, there are home repairs and property taxes, the price for owning and maintaining a car is high, and don’t forget about dining out, groceries and entertainment costs. For a modest-yet-comfortable home life you can pay three to four thousand a month easily.

But what if there was an additional (more…)

Posted by Admin on July 1st, 2014
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The Kids Are Through College, You Retire Next Month, and You’re Dead Broke. What’s Next?

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

July 1, 2014 — Congratulations on getting the kids through college. With today’s out of control tuition costs, that was no easy task. And nice going with the retirement, we hope you get a hard-earned rest from a lifetime of work. The “Broke” part isn’t so good though, so here are 8 steps on how to help fix that.

Unfortunately you are not alone. It is estimated that (more…)

Posted by Admin on June 30th, 2014
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Florida and Southeast Top Your ‘Where to Retire’ Preferences

Category: Retirement Planning

June 24, 2014 — Thanks to the over 1800 members who took the time to contribute their valuable insights to last week’s “Where You’ll Live” poll. We appreciate you sharing! As promised, here is a detailed report on the findings. At the end of this article you will also find a complete report of the more than 450 individual responses to question 11, “Do you have anything else you would like to share about your retirement living preferences and the reasons behind them?.” We look forward to creating Part 2 of this survey, which will focus on the financial aspects of your retirement, later this summer.

Your input provides confirmation of many opinions we hold about retirement preferences in general, along with some surprises. For example, it is not much of a stretch to bet that most of you are interested in retiring to a warm weather clime, with the Southeast and Southwest at the top of your preferences. We did not expect to see the level of interest there was in a suburban environment. And we were blown away with (more…)

Posted by Admin on June 24th, 2014
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6 More Downsizing Tips from Here and There

Category: Retirement Planning

June 18, 2014 — Downsizing and raising children have at least one thing in common- it’s a lot easier to tell other people how to do it than it is to do it yourself! Topretirements has published several articles about downsizing (see Further Reading at end of article) due to member interest. In this article we will explore some new tips from all over, and hope that you will contribute your own suggestions in the Comments section below.

1. It is never too early to start.
We can’t tell you many of our friends didn’t leave enough time for (more…)

Posted by Admin on June 17th, 2014
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Quiz: Is Your Memory Slipping?

Category: Health Issues

June 17, 2014 — The Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University is making available a free diagnostic test, SAGE, to help assess cognitive, thinking, and memory impairments. It is a simple exam you can give yourself in just a few minutes.

Although it might be scary to realize that perhaps you might be prone to (more…)

Posted by Admin on June 17th, 2014
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Take Our Newest Survey – Where You’ll Live

Category: Retirement Planning

June 16, 2014 — Your past responses to our various retirement surveys have been so interesting we just had to do it again. Today’s survey focuses on the “Where” about retirement – where you are thinking about retiring to, what kind of community, and why. Since we created this survey over 1900 community minded folks have taken, here is a link to our complete report on the results, along with many of the more interesting/representative comments.

In the coming weeks Part 2 of this series will focus more on the financial and related issues having to do with retirement. Stay tuned (more…)

Posted by Admin on June 16th, 2014
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Ex-Pat Retirees, Medicare, and Health Insurance

Category: International Retirement

June 11, 2014 — Our friend Rick recently wrote us with a great question on how ex-pat retirees deal with healthcare and healthcare insurance when living in another country. We thought we had addressed this question in the Blog before, but after careful searching it doesn’t look like we did that in any great depth.

Here is the question:
Recently one of our Bayview Park tennis players was traveling to Mexico, where he fell gravely ill and needed an emergency operation… Now it seems, since he first got sick on the plane flying there, Medicare will reimburse him for medical costs in Mexico… I will be traveling to Mexico soon myself, where I used to live, and may be spending more time there again. My question is about medical care and coverage abroad. I understand there are Medigap policies that may cover this, but I was wondering if (more…)

Posted by Admin on June 10th, 2014
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