Pets and Your Golden Years

Category: Family and Retirement

May 23, 2015 — Americans are crazy about their pets. There were 164 million pets in the U.S. in 2012, according to the Humane Society of the U.S., with about 62% of households having a pet. Pet ownership for retirees, however, is a little different than it is for younger Americans. The Retirement section of the New York Times recently did a feature, “Pets of the Golden Years“, which profiled some of those differences. This article will highlight some of the issues that affect retirees and their pets (see end of article for our previous articles on this topic).

Some differences
For starters, a smaller percentage of retirees own pets than (more…)

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Midwest Dominates Most Affordable Housing Markets in USA

Category: Retirement Real Estate

May 15, 2015 — Looking for a place to retire where your housing dollar gives you the biggest bang? If so the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index, which ranks U.S. metros by housing affordability, might just have your answer. All of the top 10 most affordable markets are in the Midwest or Northeast, not such great news for retirees looking to retire in warm weather. The price of homes in these Metros ranges from a low of $75,000 (Springfield, OH) to a high of $105,000 in Sandusky, OH. Another problem with these “most affordable” Metros – none of them has inspired us enough to write them up as interesting (more…)

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Singles and Retirement: Where, Why, and the Issues

Category: Singles and Retirement

April 28, 2015 — Last month we asked our single Members to share their thoughts, experiences, and dreams about where they would like to retire. This article summarizes and categorizes what you told us in over 80 very thoughtful Comments (which included a lot of back and forth between commenters). But please don’t stop here, read all the Comments in the original article. You will also find many interesting links for singles looking for solutions to where and how to live in retirement at the end of this article.

There is a diversity of opinions expressed by our members about various aspects of retirement for singles, yet remarkable agreement on a number of other issues. Here are some (more…)

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Part 2: How Well the Retirement Experts Follow Their Own Advice (Or Not)

Category: Retirement Planning

By Jan Cullinane and John Brady
Note: This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. See bottom of article for links to the other two.

April 16, 2015 — In Part 1 we published detailed answers to the first two questions we asked our panel of six retirement experts – where they chose to live, and why. In this continuation of the series at Topretirements you can read how they responded to questions about aging and long term care, how well they followed their own advice, and their tips on finding a place to retire and a successful retirement. There is a lot of wisdom and food for thought in their responses; we hope you will enjoy them and (more…)

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How to Get Your 140 Minutes of Aerobic Exercise – For People Who Hate to Exercise

Category: Health Issues

April 15, 2015 — So you have saved all the money you need for a comfortable retirement, scoured the world and found the best to place to retire – that will mean nothing unless you have good health to enjoy it. To stay healthy the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all adults age 18-64 get at least 140 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. That seems like a lot of time, certainly more than the average person is willing to put in. Fortunately there is a new book with some great ways to get that exercise without having to become a gym rat.

Some of the ideas in the book by psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, “A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness” are pretty interesting and relatively painless. They make it easy because they incorporate a little bit of exercise into ordinary daily activities. Such as: Brushing your teeth – why not do some squats. Talking on the phone, (more…)

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Where the Retirement Experts Are “Retiring,” And Why – Part 1

Category: Retirement Planning

By Jan Cullinane and John Brady
Note: This is Part 1 of a 3 part series. See bottom of article for links to the other two.

April 4, 2015 — Most of us know by now that one size cannot fit all when it comes to choosing our best place to retire. Just look at the tons of books, magazine articles and websites that try to answer that very question. So at the suggestion of our frequent contributor, Jan Cullinane, we decided to take a different approach, and go right to the source by asking a half dozen retirement gurus, including the authors of this piece, Jan Cullinane and John Brady, where they chose to “retire.” The word “retire” is in quotes since most of these experts are still working (some more than others), although their work is free from the constraints of being tied (more…)

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OK You Retirement Experts, How Well Are You Doing with Your Own Retirement?

Category: Retirement Planning

April 2, 2015 —
By Jan Cullinane and John Brady
Retirement advice is not hard to come by – it seems like every website and newspaper will tell you how to do it. So we were intrigued when our frequent contributor, Jan Cullinane, suggested a different approach. Her idea was to ask a half dozen retirement gurus to describe their personal retirement plans and rate how well they followed their own advice. We think you will enjoy learning how they went about finding a great place to retire…where they decided to live… the areas where they think they planned well….and even where some felt they didn’t merit an A – in their own class! Note that due to the length of the various responses we have divided this into three articles. This is the Summary. (more…)

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Traditional Retirement Yields to the New, Flexible Retirement

Category: Baby Boomer Retirement Issues

April 1, 2015 — We were surprised recently by a group of commenters who took umbrage at the notion that you can work and also be retired. Their more traditional view was that if you are retired, you don’t work, period. A few even quoted dictionary definitions to support their case. But an increasing body of evidence points to an overwhelming trend in the opposite direction – that retirement is often going to be anything but traditional or predictable. It is more likely to be a transition than it is stopping work. Instead of just cashing pension and Social Security checks and having morning coffee or golf with the guys, it might mean a change of career or a part time or volunteer job. The trend is toward more of a highly personal, very customizable (more…)

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Pretty Confident You Won’t Be Scammed? That Could Be a Problem

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

March 27, 2015 — So you are pretty sure you are financially literate and no one could scam you – better watch out! A recent study by researchers at DePaul University and the Rush University Medical Center came up with this scary result: Seniors who got financially related answers wrong, but were the most confident they got them right, were more often victimized by fraud. Fraud victims scored 5.39 on the overconfidence scale, vs. 4.21 for non-fraud victims. The authors of the study believe that this overconfidence, combined with declining cognitive skills, is a underlying reason for an alarming (more…)

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How to Find a Retirement Home for under $50,000

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

March 23, 2015 — It is no secret that there are millions of baby boomers who are wondering how on earth they are ever going to have enough money to retire. From many comments made on this site we know that a lot of you have those worries, so we thought we would help with some examples of reasonable place to retire, along with why it makes sense to downsize.

First, how a cheaper place to live puts money in your pocket
Your home is almost always your biggest expense, usually about 30% of your income. Anything you can do to reduce that is going to help you have a more comfortable retirement. The first thing you need to do in this process is to complete a retirement budget. To do that you need to know how much income you can expect to live on from Social Security, savings, pension (if any), and work. You also have to understand what (more…)

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