What trends do you see coming for active adult communities?

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What shape do you think the market for active adult communities is in — is it slowly returning to a healthy state, or is it dead in the water? Topretirements.com is compiling some basic research about the state of the active adult communities market (including 55+ communities), and we would love to know what you think.

Please use the comments section below to answer these questions. If you are a potential buyer, we’d love…

to have your input too (although the questions might have to be turned around a bit to meet your point of view). Just mention that you are in the market to buy so we can distinguish you from a developer. All points of view are welcomed.

Here are some basic questions about the market for active adult communities. Please provide your answers in the Comments section below. We will compile the results and provide them in a future article(s) at Topretirements.

1. Home size. The NAHB reported recently that active adults are buying smaller homes these days than they were a few years ago. What is the average size of the homes your co. is selling today? Is that up, down, or the same as the recent past? Is your average home selling for more, less, or the same? (Buyers – what is the ideal square footage of your retirement home? How many bedrooms?)

2. Home features. What are the main features that you (or your buyers) are looking for inside the active adult community home?

3. Green or universal design. Are your prospects interested in these? Interested enough to pay extra? If you are a buyer – would you pay extra for a greener home or one with universal design (accessibility).

4. Amenities. What is the single biggest amenity that you or your buyers are interested in?

5. Trends (this question is mostly for developers). What do you think will be the biggest trends in your market in the next few years? Do you think the market has turned the corner?

Anything else interesting i should know – please tell us in the Comments below!

Posted by John Brady on May 6th, 2011


  1. Home sizes will be smaller mainly due to increases in raw materials, not by choice. People will be looking for green houses in this respect, they will want low maintenance and energy efficient homes. The market in general never drifts up, I expect continued deterioration in the housing market with a great disparity between new houses and and after market houses and lower prices.

    by ron — May 7, 2011

  2. 🙄 We’d like to retire to a community that is affordable, very safe;
    well maintained. Don’t need all the bells & whistles i.e., golf course,
    extended activities. The home would be a comfortable 5 room ranch. Must
    have a large kitchen and lots of closet/storage space. Perfer a mild climate,
    but finances will ultimatly dictate location. If northeast must be a community that will plow. Also must allow you to have pets w/o any restrictions.

    by jm hawks — May 8, 2011

  3. I feel that a lot of single retirees don’t want to be responsible for a home. They would rather rent a two bedroom townhome or apartment with some amenities like a pool and some activities, but no HOA fees. We don’t want more responsibilities, we want less. I know I would need less than 1000 sq. ft. and a garage or car park.:roll:

    by Linda — May 8, 2011

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