Holiday Season Provides RVers with Money-Making Pit Stops

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December 17, 2013 — Ah the life of the RVer, free to move about the countryside in quest of perfect weather, scenery, and ambiance. When you get bored, gas-up and get going. But another, lesser known attribute of the “Turtle Life” is the ability to find seasonal employment. Just this week an Associated Press article, “Campers help Amazon keep up with holiday rush”, detailed how in particular relies on its “Camper Force” to bang out millions of Christmas season orders from its far-flung distribution centers. The online behemoth has warehouses in some unlikely places in Kentucky, Kansas, and Nevada – areas that lack sufficient local population and housing stock to staff up for the crash of seasonal orders.

In some cases Amazon actually pays the camp rent for the RV, provided the camper reports early enough in the season. Not all of these temporary workers, who typically stay on for 3 months or less, are retirees. The work can be demanding -involving standing, lifting, and walking for long, long days. Although the AP article was focused on Amazon, there are undoubtedly many other companies offering seasonal employment opportunities. LLBean and other cataloguers, or any organization that faces a seasonal crunch, undoubtedly offer seasonal employment possibilities. Many roving retirees take on seasonal jobs at state and national parks, as well as campgrounds. Often the work is performed as barter for staying free in the campground.

The beauty of the RV lifestyle is the ebb and flow of the seasons. Just when you feel the need for some cash to augment your lifestyle, you can check in for seasonal work. Add that to the reasons to consider the Mobile lifestyl in the early years of your retirement.

Comments? Do you know of other types of seasonal work that RVers and retirees can take advantage of? Any experiences to relate?

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  1. Oregon Parks and Recreation and Fish and Wild Life have opportunities (no pay) to monitor various areas throughout the state. Look for their web sites. Google search “oregon rv volunteers” to see list of links.

    by Edward — December 18, 2013

  2. […] 2. Mail order company. LL Bean, Amazon, and many other giant companies do a tremendous percentage of their business in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Some of these companies welcome retirees, many of whom move temporarily to areas near fulfillment centers with their own RVs. They get a free or discounted place to stay, and plenty of work for a short season. See: “Holiday Season Turns RVers into Workforce“. […]

    by » 5 Dream Jobs for Your Retirement Topretirements — August 11, 2014

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