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June 22 – Fort Myers, Florida — The logic is compelling, even though a bit unconventional. Sue Wininger, Marketing Director at Cypress Cove at Health Park Florida, recently stated in an interview with Topretirements the many reasons baby boomers should consider moving directly to a life care facility instead of making an interim downsizing step to a condo. “With our focus on wellness and the amenities that active adults want,” Wininger says, “baby boomers can an experience a healthier life, which translates into a longer life.” This enthusiastic and personable marketing pro also pointed out how moving directly to a life care facility helps people avoid the hassle of multiple moves and re-establishing new friendships and community ties.

Unlike their parents before them, today’s 50 and 60 somethings know about life care communities and their many advantages. They don’t expect their children to have to take care of them. Increasingly they are buying into these communities for an easier lifestyle in a facility that bundles many services into 1 product. At Cypress Cove in Fort Myers, for example, boomers will find independent living, assisted living, and life care so that they will never have to move again, no matter how their health condition might change. Along the way they can enjoy amenities like a huge indoor pool, fitness club and exercise classes, and college courses. Cypress Cove offers the courses as a location of the Renaissance Academy of Florida Gulf Coast University. Cypress Cove is affiliated with Lee Memorial Hospital.

While Wininger’s logic is powerful, life care communities may have a difficult time persuading baby boomers to move into a community that many people view as “only for old people”. She countered that communities affiliated with universities or medical institutions such as hers, which offer more amenities and programs, will have an easier time attracting a younger audience than unaffiliated places. She also made the interesting case that newer, even unbuilt, communities will have more success because the audience is planning on entering in the near future, rather than moving in directly.

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Posted by Boomer1 on June 22nd, 2007

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