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Did you know that over half of all new U.S. businesses are started by baby boomers? Are you one of them – a baby boomer struggling to start a new business as a second or third career? Fortunately there is a new website that is out there trying to help – This site puts together information and resources designed to help Baby Boomers support other Boomers. One way they do that is by listing Boomer Entrepreneurs and other businesses that provide Boomer Friendly products and/or services.

Boomer Entrepreneurs have an additional burden. If their business fails they have less time to recover financially. They also have far fewer opportunities for employment – and that is the second goal of Too many Boomers find employment precarious today. Those who are unemployed often find it very difficult to get a job to replace what they have lost. This new site seeks to bring Boomers information about employers who actively recruit and seek to hire older workers for their skills, their experience, and their work ethic. seeks to celebrate and advertise Boomer Friendly employers, Boomer Entrepreneurs, and other Boomer Friendly Businesses to the nearly 78 million U.S. Baby Boomers (and the 300 million Boomers worldwide). The site’s tag line is “Boomer hires are Boomer buyers”. The site’s creator, Sheila Dentice, believes Boomers are well served when they support those who support Boomers. As she says, “After all, the job we save or create may someday be our own. The largest generation can help drive our economy back to health, but only if they are employed or successful in their business ventures.”

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Visit to find or to list Boomer Friendly Businesses and to find those who support boomers. The site is new and is building so visit often, please be patient, send them your ideas, and support their efforts by sharing the site with others.

Posted by John Brady on June 15th, 2010

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