With Dire Straits Predicted for Suburbia, Should Baby Boomers Head for Exits?

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February 24 — According to a duo of college professors, suburbia as we know it is headed for trouble. Their prediction is that McMansion-land could become the next depressed “outer cities”, filled with blight, poverty, and crime. Once again baby boomer demographic trends are among the culprits.

Topretirements just wrote a feature in our “Tips and Picks” section which examines this theory. Furthermore we went out on a limb, outlining a sure to be controversial real estate strategy that baby boomers should take now to capitalize on it. The article, “If Suburbs Become the New Slums, A New Baby Boomer Real Estate Strategy“, recommends that boomers put their existing suburban homes on the market now, and get busy looking to buy for their retirement community.

Check out our Tips and Picks article at the link above. For more on what the two college professors, Christopher Leinberger and Arthur C. Nelson, check out the March issue of The Atlantic and Virgina Tech’s Metropolitan Institute.

To discuss this issue please go to our Forum article, Suburbs, the Next Slums: A New Baby Boomer Real Estate Strategy)

Posted by Boomer1 on February 24th, 2008

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