Don’t Make These Internet and Social Media Mistakes

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August 21, 2013 — Now that you are retired you probably have a little more free time to pursue the interests you always wanted to. You probably also have a desire to re-connect with old friends and family. The Internet and its so called “social media” sites like Facebook are a great way to fulfill both of those desires. Their easy to use tools can instantly and effortlessly put you in contact with family, friends, acquaintances, old school mates, army buddies, long lost lovers, etc. They can also help you pursue hobbies and interests with like-minded folks in a most enjoyable way. Unfortunately, they have downsides too. Used without some common sense precautions, social media can be destructive to relationships, dangerous to you and your property, or just plain annoying. This article will first discuss the concept of social media and then outline our list of the worst mistakes retirees can make in social media.

Growth and Use
Social media is one of the fastest and most pervasive developments of all time. Facebook, the first and by far the biggest social networking site, was only available to students at Harvard University when it began in 2004. That handful of users has exploded to over a billion today; the New York Times recently reported one out of 7 people in the world use Facebook now! The Pew Internet Project reports that 72% of the U.S. online population uses (more…)

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Top Baby Boomer Stories and Links of the Week

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April 3, 2012 — Some weeks we run across so many good stories and helpful features. So rather than let them go to seed, we are providing them in a form of a list. If you are interested, and we think you should be, just click on the link to get more. Here goes (a few links might require subscription): (more…)

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10 Retirement Pitches Baby Boomers Don’t Want to Hear

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November 29, 2011 — Marketers have been salivating about baby boomers since the time we started overwhelming kindergartens in 1951. Developers are still excited about our huge numbers (76 million); today they are are eager to supply us with real estate for our “golden years”. Yet, just as when we were in our teens a lot of companies couldn’t connect with us, many of the people trying to market to us today are hopelessly young, and they don’t always get what makes us tick either.

One constant is that baby boomers will never think of themselves as old. Our bodies might not look much like what they did when we got naked at Woodstock, but, attitudinally, we still tend to place ourselves in our late teens or 20’s. Keeping that in mind, here are the top things that baby boomers don’t want to hear as they think about retirement. Some are contradictory, but heh, who ever (more…)

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When Does “Old Age” Begin – And More Stuff for Baby Boomers

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July 13, 2011 — When you were in college or just out of school, did your parents seem old to you? Mine were in their mid 50’s then, and they seemed a little bit old. Funny how mid-50’s feels awfully young these days. According to a new Associated poll, a lot of baby boomers feel the same way – the median age cited as starting to get old is 70, with a quarter going a lot higher, about 80. Younger adults, however, seem to think 60 represents the start of old age. The results among baby boomers make sense to us!

Other conclusions from the survey are interesting (more…)

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Have Gun Will Travel: or, What Baby Boomer TV Show Would You Bring Back?

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June 1, 2011 — NPR is running a call-in show today asking listeners what TV show they would bring back if they were in charge of the universe. It’s a contest anyone old enough to be a baby boomer might enjoy. Through the miracle of Netflix your editor just spent a few happy sessions on the exercise bike watching the 1st 3 shows in the “Have Gun Will Travel” series, which first aired in 1957. The show, as you probably remember, features Paladin, a gun for hire. One of the beauties of having lost so many brain cells… (more…)

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As Baby Boomers Retire, Marketers Fall in Love with the Demographic All Over Again

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February 8, 2011 — Having left the prized 18-45 year old marketing demographic, baby boomers might be justified in feeling a little bit like yesterday’s donuts – not all that appealing and a bit stale. But thanks to our sheer numbers (as in 76 million), sales hungry marketeers appear to be putting baby boomers back in their sights. And believe it or not, that’s probably good news for us (but more about that later). This Sunday’s New York Times talked about the phenomenon in its “In a Graying Population, Business Opportunity” article. The Wall Street Journal weighed in (more…)

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Now That You’re 65 – 10 Things You Need to Know

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Note: This is Part 1 in a series. See also “10 More Checklist Items for the Retiring Baby Boomer” from June, 2014.
January 9, 2011 — The oldest of the nation’s baby boomers, those born in 1946, start turning 65 this year. For people who grew up with the Mickey Mouse Club and the Lone Ranger, the thought of getting involved with the Social Security Administration might be hard to swallow, but it is about to happen to you. This article will be your primer for what you need to do, now that you are 65. Note: The government’s Social Security and Medicare websites are first rate and very helpful. We have used much of their information in the sections below, and provided links as well.

1. Register for Medicare to start your health care coverage
Medicare is a Health Insurance Program for people age 65 or older, some disabled (more…)

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2011 Retirement Trends You Should Be Thinking About

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Every year we dust off our crystal ball and try to think about what’s ahead for retirees in the year ahead. But before we do that, here are a few observations about 2010, the year that is just about to end:

– Housing prices stabilized in most markets in 2010, and even started to increase slightly in many cities and towns. The free fall in prices that came in 2008 and 2009 has mostly stopped. Although median home prices slipped in the first quarter according to the National Association of Realtors, they increased from (more…)

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Surprising New Survey Finds Many Retirees Plan on Moving in Retirement

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June 29, 2010. How closely do you match the profile of your fellow visitors at Topretirements? We just finished a new research study which looked at the questions asked by the almost 5000 people who have taken our Retirement Ranger Quiz. The results from that study have helped us learn more about baby boomer retirement hopes, dreams, and preferences. One of the most interesting things we’ve learned is that the people who have taken our quiz are much more ready to relocate than the average population – the vast majority of Ranger takers plan on moving in retirement. Another finding is that they are very open about the kind of environment they want to live in. We found out that most of our visitors are either already retired – or will do so soon. Taxes, cost of living, and region are all important considerations for (more…)

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New Website Aims to Help Baby Boomers: Businesses & Jobs

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Did you know that over half of all new U.S. businesses are started by baby boomers? Are you one of them – a baby boomer struggling to start a new business as a second or third career? Fortunately there is a new website that is out there trying to help – This site puts together information and resources designed to help Baby Boomers support other Boomers. One way they do that is by listing Boomer Entrepreneurs and other businesses that provide Boomer Friendly products and/or services.

Boomer Entrepreneurs have an additional burden. If their business fails they have less time to recover financially. They also have far fewer opportunities for employment – and that is the second goal of Too many Boomers find employment precarious today. Those who are unemployed often find it very difficult to get a job to replace what they have lost. This new site seeks to bring Boomers information about employers who actively recruit and seek to hire older workers for their skills, their experience, and their work ethic. (more…)

Posted by John Brady on June 15th, 2010
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