Budget Strapped Retirees Trade Work for Rent at Parks

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As we have said before, if your retirement fund isn’t what you hoped it would be, it’s time to get creative. One of the most interesting ways to stretch your budget was profiled in a New York Times article last week, “Retirees Trade Work for Rent at Cash-Strapped Parks“. The article profiles the experiences of several retirees as they travel around the country and help keep state and national parks ticking under the serious budget constraints these institutions now face.

As Sharon Smith points out in the article, there are 3 simple reasons why she and her husband Bill want to work in these parks: “We’re here for three reasons,” she said…. “No. 1, we like to travel. No. 2, we like people. And No. 3, we’re on a budget.” At the time of that quote, Mrs. Smith was making cinnamon rolls for the park center. Others provide bird guiding, cleaning, and maintenance. As states and the federal government have cut back on their support for parks, retirees working for free RV or tent space are now taking over more and more roles previous provided by paid employees.

The same idea is often played out in private campgrounds as well. Owner operators have long relied on work campers with skills and a willingness to work to handle maintenance and special projects.

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Posted by John Brady on February 23rd, 2010

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