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May 10, 2012 — If you have access to the NY Times, either online or in print, you should check out the May 10 edition. There are several great articles, including a profile of 3 older folks who are continuing to work past their normal retirement age – “Working Late, by Choice or Not“. An 87 year old doctor, a 72 year old health care worker, and the former assistant to the Chief Executive of Verizon Wireless (no working at Dillards in the Polo department) make for interesting profiles in the why and how of working late in life. The article reports that more people over 65 (18.1% of them) are working than ever, a trend that is likely to continue, about evenly split between doing it to stay busy and for the income.

Additional articles include ones like “Making Sure Money’s There When You Need It” (how to plan to make sure you will have enough money to retire. After all, only 14% of Americans feel they will have enough money to live comfortably in retirement (EBRI). Another is thought provoking, “It’s Not Easy Making Do with a Measly Million“.

Hope you enjoy them, we found very useful in our thinking.

Living in the country, Fighting financial fraud, and International retirement are additional articles.

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