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May 26, 2013 — We are very big fans of the periodic New York Times supplement on Retirement. Every time it comes out we find at least 5 really interesting and thought-provoking features about different kinds of retirements.

Here’s what’s in the May 15 Retirement issue:

How They Do It Elsewhere – A look at how and why many other countries do a far better job in their retirement programs. In fact man folks agreed the U.S. gets a C grade, compared to Australia, England, and even Chile.

Making a Move Abroad – And Working There Too – A profile of Patrice Wynne, former bookstore owner who started a Mexican themed fabric and more shop in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

How to Travel the World on a Very Slim Travel Budget – Meri Murphy is usually twice the age of her fellow hostel travelers. Here goal is to travel the world while she’s able. And she’s doing it on a shoestring. Here’s how she’s doing it.

Back to School not for the degree, but for the fun of it. Jack Kaufman was a partner at a big New York law firm. Now he teaches 8th and 9th grade Latin.

A good place to retire? Maybe you are already there. This article profiles several couples and interviews experts to provide more insight into why for some folks, the best place to retire is right where you are now.

Turning Profits into Hobbies. A profile of how Carla Ingram turned her expertise as a seamstress into porch shades, and Donnetta Watson;s wedding planning service.

Comments? Let us know what you think about any of these topics in the Comments section below. Do you have any ideas for Topretirements to explore in future articles?

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  1. Putting my money in the hands of the government is a very unappealing
    alternative. Just look at the SS system now in the US. It is a train wreck. Do I really trust the government to do what is best for me? I think not.

    by Gary — May 29, 2013

  2. How about tips on full time RVing? Such as how to set up residency when on the road full time, how to get your mail forwarded, examples of what the life is like, typical costs? How to deal with medical issues on the road? My parents did this for the first 10 years of their retirement, selling their house and moving into a used 27′ camper with a car in tow. There was a surprisingly good sized community that did the same thing, and it was by far the best part of their retirement, not to mention the cheapest. Out of the box for sure, but a very cool alternative.

    by Julie — May 30, 2013

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