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August 23, 2010 — Your editor was pleased to be chosen by NARFE, the National Association of Retired Federal Employees, to write the feature article, So Many Great Retirement Towns, So Hard to Choose”, for the September issue of their magazine. In June NARFE asked its readers to write in with a short, Twitter length (140 characters) recommendation for why their community would make a great place for other federal workers to retire. The project was amazing because of the number and quality of responses. Hundreds of towns from all over the world were recommended, with 30 or more communities getting multiple mentions. These retired federal workers also gave dozens of fascinating reasons for selecting a community, along with strong opinions on why they wish they had not chosen certain towns (mostly having to do with state taxation of retirement income).

You have to read the entire article to capture the richness of the responses. According to the 900 people who responded to the request, the number one place to retire is The Villages in central Florida. As one member wrote of it, ““Beautifully maintained with friendly population. Over 25 free 9-hole golf courses and 53 pools. Solid real estate investment.” New Braunfels, TX was a surprise pick. And not to miss is the run down of various reasons why NARFE members chose their retirement towns.

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“So Many Retirement Towns, So Hard to Choose

Posted by John Brady on August 23rd, 2010

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  1. All of these magazines recommend Las Cruces, New Mexico. My question is how long did they visit or do their homework. The state is ranked #48 for education. Dona Ana county has some of the highest rates of child abuse. For those interested, get a hold of a daily police report. There is a crime committed about every 15 minutes. Some of the lowest wages in the nation. As far as family safety, you may want to consider Detroit instead. Concealed weapon permits have almost doubled in the last two years. Pretty scenery but a dangerous place to live.

    by J Brown — September 4, 2010

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