Energy Conservation Measures – the New Mudrooms

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A study from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) shows that the energy crisis is producing big shifts in what consumers are looking for in new homes. In as short a period of 2007 to 2008, buyer interest in common features like mudrooms, home offices, game rooms, and home workshops have plummeted. Instead, consumers are looking for a plethora of energy-saving related features that were only glimmers on the horizon in 2007. Builders and architects are paying attention, because the market is so soft for their services.

Leading the pack in new desirable home features are tank-less water heaters, overall energy efficiency, “green” flooring, water saving technology, and recycled building materials. Our conclusion: the green movement is coming – and high energy prices will do more than anything to speed up its arrival. If you are looking to buy in a new active adult or 55+ community – put these features on your list.

And by the way, you might be curious about tankless water heaters. Understandably enough, they don’t have a tank, but instead heat the water in the pipe on its way to your faucet. By eliminating the tank you save a lot of energy that is wasted while you are away for the weekend and overnight. Oil and gas fired hot water heaters are typically more powerful than electric.

The AIA Home Design Trend Survey is conducted quarterly with a panel of 500 architecture firms.

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