It’s That Time Again: The Snowbird’s Leaving for the Winter Checklist

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October 15, 2014 — Every year about this time we link to our “Snowbirds Leaving for the Winter Checklist” that we originally published in 2010. And every year we add to it and hone it in different ways, based on our own experience the previous year. We hope you find it helpful. To make it as valuable as possible we link to the original article, because there over the years there have been so many helpful and interesting Comments added by our members.

Here is the link to the original (but updated) article, “Snowbirds Leaving for the Winter Checklist

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Posted by Admin on October 14th, 2014


  1. This will be our first winter to leave our northern home for 3 months. This appears to be a great list to use for a guideline. I think the person that posted the idea about filling your freezer or refrigerator, that you plan to leave running, with extra jugs of water for energy inefficiency makes a lot of sense. We plan to turn off our water,therefore our daughter will have extra water to use for my numberous plants as well. She can also quickly discern if the circuit breaker has cut the power to the deep freeze, due to a power outage.
    Thanks again top retirements!

    by Caps — October 23, 2014

  2. This is our third year as snowbirds. one thing we have managed to do each year is overpack clothes. We don’t use half the clothes we think we will need. If you really need something, you can always find it locally.

    by Bill — October 24, 2014

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