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August 13, 2012 – As part of our ongoing research into our members’ concerns about retirement, we have just developed a new survey on your retirement plans. Please take this very quick poll and give us your input. Your anonymous inputs will help us develop a future article about retirement planning, and of course we will share the results right here in the Blog.

This survey is closed. Here is where you can view the results.)

But, we would love for you to fill out our newest survey – How would rank these choices for fixing Medicare.

Posted by Admin on August 13th, 2012


  1. I really appreciate the way I can go to one site and get a ton of information about retirement. An example is your survey in which you are digging deeper for information. I would like there to be a survey about where your readers are actually getting their retirement money. Through no deficiency on your part, we don’t fit your prototype. 😀

    by Susan — August 14, 2012

  2. We travel quite a bit. Do you think what has happened to the economy in the past decade will affect the travel industry? I am sure they were getting all prepared for these baby boomers (me) to start traveling and will people have the money to do it?

    by Susan — August 14, 2012

  3. Hi Susan,

    What a great question you asked!

    I wondered the same thing myself when I retired from corporate America and opened a cruise specialty travel agency ( six years ago. Our agency specializes in working with boomers and seniors and so I can share with you our experience in answering your question.

    The largest percentage of our clients are in their 60’s – 70’s. We do however have a number of clients in the 80’s and 90’s. We work with active adult communities and senior centers plus veterans groups. The one thing they all have in common is a love of travel and limited budgets

    Over the past six years even with the bad economy I have seen the travel industry grow. Regardless of one’s budget there are opportunities to travel. I personally believe cruise travel offers the greatest opportunity because of its value based approach. For those who prefer land travel you can still find great deals.

    This is where working with a travel consutant you trust can pay off handsomely. First, it cost nothing to work with a travel consultant. If you find one who wants to charge walk away. Second, find an agent who has earned industry credentials showing they know what they are doing. Third, each and every day we receive notices of special deals that the suppliers are offering. Fourth, find an agent who will do more then just book you. We monitor our clients cruise bookings and if they go down in price and they qualify for the lower price (e.g. senior rate, resident rate, military rate, etc) we have their booking lowered and they win. THe best I have personally done was for clients in Texas who were sailing on a 28 night cruise in Europe. From when they booked to when they sailed I lowered their cost per person over $1700. This is never guaranteed but always possible. In the cruise industry the cruise lines control all pricing and discounts.

    We have each earned this time in our lives and we should be able to do the many things we have dreamed of doing. Be flexible in your thinking nd timing for your special vacations, work with a professional and you will find whatever budget you have in mind you will be traveling to your hearts delight.

    Here is to many vacations wherever they may take you!


    by Steve Tanzer — August 15, 2012

  4. We retired early, mid fifties, got rid of the single family home, purchased in a condo in central Florida (Winter Haven FL). We were both is pretty good health and didn’t really give it a thought at time of retirement. We are very happy that we live in a city of 25,000 people that has excellent healthcare and that there is a private 500 bed hospital 7 minutes from our home. We are glad we are located within the city limits and things are convenient. There is a public bus stop outside our gate. We don’t use the but but there could come a time when we will. We looked into a number of different locations and for us the condo in central Florida with excellent healtcare in the area is very important. We considered Panama but after many visits and seeing how prices have increased over time and being so far from sophisticated health care brought us to our senses. Central Florida is an excellent place for retiring people to consider because of the factors I have mentioned.

    by David M. Lane — August 15, 2012

  5. Susan,

    I fogot a very important point. Look for a very experienced travel professional who has personally traveled where and how you are looking to travel. Many of the online/telephone only agencies have people who can book you but lack the personal experience in travel.

    It is just like looking for a doctor or a lawyer. We look for someone who has the specialty and experience in the are we need. If we need an operation we look for the best surgeon who has done that procedure a number of times successfully. The same is true in travel. As an example before I opened my agency I had cruised over 30 times and in approximately 30 % of the world. Today I have over 60 cruise and soon I will have cruised to over 70% of the world itineraries.

    The added value I bring to my clients is that first hand knowledge and experience in cruise travel. I don’t have expertise in land packages so I refer my clients to someone I know who has that level of experience.

    I hope this helps and I wish you many years of fun traveling.


    by Steve Tanzer — August 15, 2012

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