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Nov 2 — Our thoughts and prayers are with all our members in the Notheast who have been affected by Subtropical Cyclone Sandy. The pictures of the devastation are horrible but do not do justice to the tragedy and hardship many of you are suffering.

As of this date the power is out at our house and for over 80% of the population in our town. Many homes were flooded, school cancelled all week, and businesses shut down. Yet our troubles are nothing compared to New Jersey’s, which has experienced devastating flooding.

The bottom line here is that we are unable to publish our newsletter this week, and know that many of you in the Northeast would not have the resources or time to read it. So look for the next edition of the newsletter to come out on Thursday, Nov. 8. We will have a follow up on our Medicare survey plus an article on “the Best Places to Retire for Weather”. In the meantime, feel free to post to our existing Blog articles, the Forum, and read the reviews of our best places to retire.

Be safe!

Posted by Admin on November 1st, 2012


  1. Dear TopRetirement & John, Thank you for stating the obvious. It’s unbelievable what friends and family in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and a part of the Mid-west are experiencing.

    This storm is truly a wake-up called to give serious attention to climate change.

    We must all pull together and help their relief in our humble way.

    by Neil S. Schuster — November 2, 2012

  2. Neil – not entirely sure, but you and I may disagree on some things. However in your sentiments I am TOATLLY agreed … both as to pulling together and serious attention to climate change … the latter may not be totally accurate, but why would we possibly take a chance with our one home … EARTH!!!!! I wish the best to all who endure nature’s challenges (anywhere: Sandy, tornadoes in central US, eathquakes, floods/tsunamis, Pacific cyclones, whatever). BTW, we had no power (from Sandy and 3 feet of heavy wet snow) from Monday until last night. As I truly feel, no place is PERFECT … one finds happiness/peace within, and then seeks what one can in outer joy.

    by Mad Monk — November 2, 2012

  3. Hope you get your power back soon, John.
    Glad to know you are safe.
    Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Sandy at this very difficult time.

    by Jan Cullinane — November 2, 2012

  4. My previous comments were wiped out by an unknown party who redirected my pc to another site. So I will just say hope things get better.

    by Liz — November 3, 2012

  5. I have been thinking of my friends in Connecticut. I have a close friend who is there and has been reporting (when he could) on the state of things. And, of course, being a New Yorker and a State worker, I am aware of all the stuff going on downstate. Unbelievably, there are still people on Long Island unable to go to work, without power, without shelter….it is devastating. Certainly a missing newsletter is understandable. On the climate change: we inhavit the earth and the earth has ALWAYS had changes in the weather with catastrophic result to the various species that populated the earth at that time. We have no way of knowing if anything we have done to pollute the atmostphere has ’caused’ Hurricane Sandy. We have always had hurricanes. There has always been flooding. It is unfortunate these things are occurring. and I do think we should all also do our best to treat the earth kindly and not overuse the resources, but I also think we are very quick to blame everything on ‘global warming’. As pointed out in “An Inconvenient Truth”, a more pressing concern is that we are a society completely reliant on a rapidly dwindling resource: fossil fuel. If we want to make a difference, the biggest difference we can make is supporting the development of alternative energy sources. This power outtage is nothing compared to what will happen when we run out of fuel. We need to keep our eye on the ball on this, and push for administrations and officials who will fund the research for alternative energy and support the development of any resources we have discovered. But we don’t.

    by Ginger — November 4, 2012

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