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What it's Like to Retire in Green Valley

Green Valley is one of the larger active adult communities in the world. It is actually a collection of developments and communities located in extreme southern Arizona. The population is over 21,000 and growing. Surrounded by copper mines, and near the hiking and birding areas of the Santa Rita Mountains, Green Valley is an unincorporated retirement community composed of 59 Homeowner Associations. Photos of Green Valley courtesy of Tim (pickleball) and golf cart crossing  (Wikipedia - Sonya).


Where to Retire in Green Valley and Home Prices

There are several developments within Green Valley. In fact there are 59 different home owners associations. Most, but not all are age restricted. See the link at right for "Active Communities" to find out more.
According to, the median sale price for a home in Green Valley sold for $159,250 in early 2016.


What is special about Green Valley

Green Valley offers good value for the money in terms of the housing and amenities offered. It also has a moderate winter climate, although periods of hard freeze can occur.  Because of its size the range of its activities and the range of people to meet is more extensive than most other active adult communities.  The non-profit Green Valley Recreation is quite extraordinary, operating 13 different recreation centers with golf courses, swimming pools, fitness centers, etc. It also provides many opportunities for the arts and entertainment. One of its attractions is that its facilities and programs allow people from different communities to mix.

What is not special about Green Valley

More than 80% of Green Valley is age restricted, so if you don't meet the age requirements this may not be the place for you. Green Valley is below average in walkability when compared to other communities, though golf carts are legal to be driven in the street and are a common alternative to walking.


Who will like retirement in Green Valley

People who want a warm winter and love the desert will like Green Valley.  Golfers, group activity enthusiasts, and people who like the outdoors will feel at home here.  GVR (Green Valley Recreaction - affords members a chance to learn & play the fastest growing sport in the country, Pickleball! Many residents also use number of tenis courts, and of course biking year round.  It is obviously the community is popular with retirees, as the median age is 71.


Local economy is driven by

Primarily retirees and tourism as the large majority of residents and snow birds are retired.


Climate and Physical Environment

Green Valley is in a basin below the Santa Rita Mountains located in the southwest United States.  The average year round temperature is 68.9 degrees Fahrenheit.  The area is known as a haven for snow birds during the winter months as a result of it's warmer temperatures.  The dry warmer climate is also a popular for those seeking relief from arthritis.


Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Green Valley has a modicum of entertainment.  Tucson and the U of A is just a short drive away with some excellent entertainment.  Number and variety of restaurants is somewhat limited near Green Valley.  Just south of Green Valley is Tubac which is known for it's art culture and fine shopping and dining. There are numerous state parks, national monuments, and wildlife museums in the area. The Arizona-Sonora Desert is not to be missed.



Green Valley had a total of 4 violent crimes and 534 property crimes last year which is far below the average for Arizona and the nation as a whole.  The area is primarily comprised of retirees with more than 80% of Green Valley being age restricted.  The general lack of a younger population spares Green Valley from the majority of "nuisance" type crimes, drugs and violent crimes commonly found in most cities.

Additionally the area has one of the largest Auxillary Sheriff patrol forces in the country with 122 volunteers,  mostly made up of retired law enforcement professionals.  This Auxillary Sherriff team put in an amount of hours last year equal to an additional 22 full time deputies patrolling the Green Valley area.

There is a common myth that the area is affected by crime from "illegal alien" traffic but crime data and reports simply don't support this claim.


Medical facilities

While there are many medical offices and facilities in Green Valley, Tucson offers a number major hospitals along with the University of Arizona "teaching" hospital. Green Valley Hospital is well under construction just off I-19 in Green Valley.  With an opening date currently slated for early 2015, the development of Green Valley Hospital is well underway.  More can be learned by clcking on URL: 



An Interstate 19 runs through the middle of the community. Tucson International Airport is 23 miles.  There is a some local bus service.


Valuable Links

Green Valley Chamber of Commerce

Wikipedia for Green Valley

Green Valley info - 1-800-858-5872


What people are saying about Green Valley

Green Valley Running Out Of Water?
Ok I've been considering moving to GV specifically Robson Quail Creek when we retire in December. After doing some research I've discovered some very disturbing data about the polluted ground water and the non sustainable water supply in the aquifer. There are at least three huge copper mines and a farming company in the area. They are using tremendous amounts of non replenishing water from the only aquifer. The tailings from the mines are leeching into the ground water. Some reports back in 2010 estimated at the present rate the water would run out in 10 years. Now there is a CAP project to run a 36" pipeline 10 miles long from the north to ponds in GV used to recharge the aquifer. This project is only just beginning this summer. Seems to me all the public agencies are just dodging this issue for obvious reasons. The home prices would drop to nothing without water. Believe it or don't believe it I don't care but do yourself a favor and research the water supply in GV beforer you buy.
Posted by hy_tek on September 26, 2012
A Great Place to Live
Lived in GV for four years. Agree with all the good comments that folks have made and take exception to some of the bad ones. I served with the Sherriffs Auxiliary for two years and would say that GV is one of the safer places in this country to live. We patrolled every neighborhood at least twice a day with 4-5 patrol cars on the road at all times during the day. Green Valley Rec is an outstanding organization and very reasonable (after the initial buy-in) on an annual basis. In our particular neighborhood (approx. 160 homes) we had 6 organized activities every month: 2 couples (potluck and wine tasting), 2 ladies (luncheon and book club), and 2 mens (luncheon and poker night). I would recommend Green Valley to anyone.
Posted by bhenk on May 06, 2012
Do these people live on the same planet where Green Valley, Arizona is located? I have lived here for five years and my wife and I love this area. I'll go through the comments one by one and respond. 1) Extraordinarily expensive? The only thing more expensive here is gasoline that is normally about 20 cents per gallon more than in Tucson, but Tucson is only 17 miles away, so that's not a concern. Want low prices? Why not go to Super Wal-Mart? And yes, we have one of those. 2) Businesses shut down when the snowbirds are not here? Not that I've ever noticed. The only thing that changes is the number of cars on our streets. Name one business that shuts down during the summer months. You can’t do it, can you? 3) Sub-freezing days? We had three of them last January (January 2011) and those were the first in about 10 years. But the palm trees survived very nicely, thank you, very few water lines were frozen, and only a few cactus plants, mostly Organ Pipes, suffered. The only snow I ever see is on the Santa Ritas across the valley. But it can occasionally snow here -- I seem to remember that about 1 inch of snow fell about three years ago. It melted the next day. 4) Crime? Where? Yes, there are smugglers traveling through Green Valley on I-19, but they don't even slow down for our area. We have excellent police coverage from the Pima County Sheriff's Department which has a sub-station in the center of Green Valley. One time when I called the sheriff's office to check out what I thought was a prowler (it wasn’t) they arrived within 1 1/2 minutes. And the Border Patrol is virtually everywhere when needed with agents, vans and helicopters (some on horseback or ATV) whenever a smuggler or illegal is sighted and they round them up fairly quickly. 5) Medical care is excellent with virtually all Tucson hospitals having offices and clinics here. I have both a Carondelet doctor (2 miles) and one at the V.A. hospital in Tucson (15 miles). They are both excellent and the costs are more than reasonable. $5 co-pay is not bad. 6) The GVR? Many properties do not need to join the GVR and even if you must join, the services are great. My wife and I went to a GVR sponsored movie just last week. The cost? Free. The only thing the GVR doesn't cover is golf fees. The golf courses (I believe there are 19 of them) are private businesses and membership in them is separate from GVR fees. 7) HOA fees? I don't think $33 a year is outrageous. If you can't afford it, then you'd better look somewhere else. The HOAs are great for keeping our area clean and neat. There are no junked cars in yards, trash and brush are picked up each week, and homes are well-maintained. The only major concern my HOA has are people from outside our neighborhood who insist on allowing their dogs to run loose in our HOA-owned park. We’re working to resolve the issue. 8) Utilities are high? No more than anywhere else. They are all provided by Tucson Electric Power, Southwest Gas (out of Tucson), several companies provide trash pickup and their prices are very competitive. The rates of all utilities are the same as residents of Tucson pay. As I wrote above, only gasoline is more expensive here than in Tucson, but you quickly learn how to avoid that and Tucson typically has the lowest price per gallon of any city in the country. 9) It's a great place to live, but if you think it's a bad place, please keep thinking that and don't bother to move here. We don't need your negativity here. We like our pleasant, peaceful community where there is always something to do if you're interested and you can always drive into Tucson where there is always something going on.
Posted by admin on January 16, 2012
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Facts about GREEN VALLEY
  • State: AZ
  • Environment: Rural,Mountain,Desert,Outdoor Oriented,Golf Community,
  • City Population: 10,000-25,000
  • Median age of Population: 65+
  • Avg Jan Temperature: 61 +
  • Avg July Temperature: 81+
  • Median HH Income: 41,001-60,000
  • Average Home Price (MLS): $100,000-$200,000
  • Annual Property Tax on a $200,000 house: Less than 2000
  • Total Crime Index: 91-100 (slightly below average)
  • Cost of Living Index: 91-100 (slightly below average)
  • Culture Index: 91-100 (slightly below average)
  • State Sales Tax: Yes
  • State Income Tax: Yes
  • Name of the Guide: umtzo1

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