Alaska Best Places to Retire - A Guide 

When looking for best places to retire, Alaska is an adventurous place to purchase a retirement community. This huge state, largest city Anchorage, is cold, dark in the winter, and expensive. But it also has some of the greatest scenery and most spectactular outdoor recreation of any place on earth. For people who see the thrill of nature and don't want to be too close to their neighbors, this is the place. Alaska's population was about 731,000 in 2012, 47th overall of U.S. states. This site will acquaint you with some basic facts about retirement to the best places in Alaska. 

The Alaska climate tends to be cold in winter, particularly in the interior. Spring comes late but the short summers are spectacular. Parts of Alaska (Kotzebue and above) are in the Artic Circle. Places in southeast Alaska like Juneau and near the ocean are slightly more moderate, with a climate similar to Seattle's. Days are short in winter and the sun never really goes down in the northern parts of the state.

Per Capita Income and Home Values

In 2006-8 the inflation-adjusted per capita income was $29,913, just above the U.S.  average. The cost of living in Anchorage is 117,  high because of the cold and the difficulty in shipping goods here.  According to, the mid 2013 median value of homes in Alaska was $291,900. The median price of homes in Anchorage was about @275,000 in the first quarter of 2013 according to City-Data. 


Tax Burden: The tax burden in Alaska is lowest of any state. The Tax Foundation estimates the average tax burden is 6.3% of income.

Marginal Income Tax Rates. Alaska has no income tax.

Retirement Income. Retirement income is not taxed.

Sales Tax: Alaska has no sales tax. 

Property Taxes: Only 25 municipalities in Alaska levy a property tax, which can be found on the Directory of Taxing Jurisdictions

Estate and/or Inheritance Taxes. There is no inheritance tax. The estate tax is limited to federal estate tax collection. 

Link to Alaska Department of Taxation.


Certified Retirement Communities
Alaska does not have a certified retirement community program.

Best Retirement Communities
Check out great retirement towns like Homer Alaska  and Seward. There are active adult communities nearAnchorage and in some cities. 

You will also get inside information on retirement living communities in the neighboring states of WashingtonOregonIdaho, and Montana. More cities and towns are being added constantly. Each Alaska retirement community profile features ratings on expenses, age restrictions, taxes, recreation, amenities, transportation, etc. so you can compare how other active adults 55+ have rated that city or development. There is a Discussion Forum for each Alaska city or development.

Get started with reviews of the best retirement communities.

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Alaska Retirement Communities
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