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If you are one of those who are considering the best places to retire in Indiana, we can help you make an informed choice. The reviews on this site give important information about real estate prices; what makes each community special and not so special; along with important facts and considerations about the cultural, economic, medical, and transportation available in Indiana.

This website will give you useful information about retiring in Indiana, including the top active adult retirement communities.

Indiana, the Hoosier state, had just about 6.5 million people in 2012. Indiana is the heart of the midwest as it runs along the Great Lakes. Its biggest city is Indianapolis, followed by Fort Wayne, Evansville, and South Bend. It also has many small towns and rural areas. The northern portions of Indiana front on Lake Michigan which offers excellent outdoor recreation.

North Christian Church, one of the city's landmarks

The Wikipedia entry for Indiana has more facts.

Indiana Climate
The Indiana climate is humid-continental. There are 4 seasons. Summers are hot and winters are cold. The northern part experiences lake effect snowstorms. The southern part of the state is considerably warmer. All parts of the state have exposure to violent tornadoes.

Economy and Real Estate Prices
Indiana's median household income at $48,393 is just below the United States average. Median home prices are usually less expensive than in rest of the U.S. The Zillow Home Value Index in Indiana was $114,800 according to Zillow.com in 2013.  That compares to the national Zillow Home Value Index of $157,600. According to the National Association of Realtors, the median price for a home in Indianapolis was $127,300 in 2013. Manufacturing and agriculture are very important to the state economy.

Indiana Taxes

Tax Burden: The total tax burden in the state is ranked 23rd highest of all the states in 2010 according to the Tax Foundation, putting it solidly in the middle of the pack.

Marginal Income Tax Rates. Indiana has a very low income tax with a flat rate of 3.4%, which applies to all brackets.

Retirement Income Exemptions. Taxpayers 60 and older can exclude $2,000 from military pensions, subtracted from the amount of Social Security and Railroad Benefits received. 

Social security exemption. Social security income is not taxed in IN, but out of state pensions are.

Sales Tax: State sales tax is 7.0%.

Property Taxes: Indiana's median property taxes at just over $1000 are low compared to most states (Tax-rates.org), although on a per capita basis it is higher (according to the Tax Foundation). Homeowners can deduct up to $2500 in property taxes. There is a circuit breaker program that limits property tax to 2% of the value of a home. There are also some programs to help seniors lower their taxes.

Homestead Exemption. Homeowners are eligible for a credit against the property taxes that they pay on their homestead.  The amount of credit to which the individual is entitled equals 10% of the individual’s property tax liability.

Estate and/or Inheritance Taxes. Indiana’s inheritance tax was repealed for individuals dying after Dec. 31, 2012. No inheritance tax returns (Form IH-6 for Indiana residents and Form IH-12 for nonresidents) have to be prepared or filed. No tax has to be paid.

Link to Indiana Tax and Finance


Certified Retirement Communities
Indiana does not have a certified retirement community program.

Best retirement communities in Indiana
Active adults looking for the best towns in Indiana to retire to will find vital information to help assess this low key state as a retirement community at Topretirements.com. Indiana has a number of college towns - places like West Lafayette (Purdue), Bloomington (the huge and vital Indiana University), South Bend (Notre Dame), and Muncie (Ball State University). Smaller college towns include Greencastle (DePauw) and Crawfordsville (Wabash). On a per resident basis Columbus IN is arguably the most interesting city in the world for modern architecture. Thanks to a benefactor, the founder of Cummins Engines, this town has dozens of buildings by the 20th century's most celebrated architects. Gary Indiana has the celebrated Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

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