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Have you been thinking you might move to one of the many exciting best places to retire in New Jersey? If so you can use this website to find data and opinions on the active adult retirement communities that have become so plentiful in New Jersey. The Garden State is a populous state (just under 8.9 MM people) with many faces - from big cities to charming sea coast villages, from wealthy Manhattan suburbs to the vast pine barrens - it is sure to have a retirement community where you can be happy. The Wikipedia entry for New Jersey has more facts.

Ocean City sunrise

Princeton Retirement

New Jersey Climate
The New Jersey climate is called humid-continental. There are 4 seasons and the climate is influenced alternatively by the Gulf of Mexico and the Northeast Atlantic. Summers are hot and winters are cold with occasional snowstorms.

Economy and Home Prices
New Jersey is the third wealthiest state in the United States, with a 2011 household income of just over $70,000 (national average is about $50,000). It has a vast economy in every sector. Median home prices can range greatly - in the wealthy NYC suburbs prices can be quite high. In the northern New Jersey/NYC region the 2011 median home price, at $389,600, is double the national median. In southern New Jersey prices can be a lot more reasonable - in the Atlantic City area the median home price was $210,100 in the first quarter of 2013 (NAR). According to, the Home Value index for NJ homes was $259,400 in mid 2013. Cost of living in New Jersey is above the national average but differs by region.

New Jersey Taxes

Tax Burden: Total tax burden in New Jersey is the highest in the nation at 11.8%.

Marginal Income Tax Rates. New Jersey's top marginal income tax rate is 8.97% on the top bracket ($500,000), the lowest is 1.4% at $20,000.

Retirement Income Exemptions.  Some military pensions are exempt from income tax, but most are taxable. If your total income is below $100,000 you can exclude up to $20,000 in pension income.

Social security exemption. Social security income is not taxed.

Sales Tax:  State sales tax is 7.0%.

Property Taxes: There are property tax relief programs for seniors, which is a good thing because NJ has the highest median property taxes in the nation ($6,579 in FY 2009). Another property tax reimbursement program applies to senior with incomes less than $80,000.

Homestead Exemption. The Homestead tax rebate program on property taxes on primary residences applies to those whose incomes are less than $150,000 and over 65 and/or disabled.

Estate and/or Inheritance Taxes. NJ is one of the few states with both an inheritance tax and an estate tax. 

Go here for NJ Property Tax Relief program information. Here is a link to the NJ Division of Taxation for more information.

Topretirements named NJ as the  6th worst state for retirement on its 2012 list.

Certified Retirement Communities
New Jersey does not have a certified retirement community program.

Best retirement communities in New Jersey
New Jersey has some strikes against it as an ideal retirement state, mainly having to do with its high tax burden and cost of living. But, many retirees live here already and don't want to leave the state. Some would like to relocate to an active adult community and an easier lifestyle. For example, many affluent active adults are interested in the beautiful college town of Princeton - you will find vital information to help assess pros and cons of living there on this site.

Other "best" retirement communities include the popular but low-key choice of Manahawkin, the family beach town of Ocean City, or the glorious victorian treasure of Cape May at the southernmost end of the state. Lower cost towns like Toms River, Brick, Waretown, and Little Egg Harbor are in this same area on the Jersey Shore.

At our job is to provide the objective facts and peer-reviewed profiles to help you find the best community for you. So if you are considering a New Jersey retirement, check out the listings on this site. .

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