South Dakota Best Places - A Retirement Guide

Looking for the best places to retire in South Dakota? South Dakota is a great place to retire for many reasons. For starters, it has a very attractive tax structure and a diversified economy. The cost of living is low.  For people who love the outdoors there is always something to do.

On the downside there is the long and cold South Dakota winter. Summers are pleasant.

Economy and Housing Prices
The economy is diversified thanks to the many corporations who have moved operations here to take advantage of its zero taxes. State median home price was $164,900 in early 2012, lower than the national average (Zillow.com). According to Zillow.com the median price of a home in Sioux Falls was $144,500 at the end of 2011. The cost of living there was 86.

Tax Burden
South Dakota has one of the country's lowest tax burdens, 7.9%. There is no individual or corporate income tax. It is the #1 best state from a corporate tax viewpoint. There is a 4% sales tax, which is below average.  The property tax burden is in the middle of the pack. South Dakota does not have inheritance or estate taxes.

Best Places to Retire
If you are looking for a livable city you might consider Sioux Falls. Or you could select a smaller town elsewhere.


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South Dakota Retirement Communities
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