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If you have been thinking about making a move to one of the best places to retire in West Virginia, we can help you make an informed choice. The reviews on this site give important information about real estate prices; what makes each community special and not so special; along with important facts about the cultural, economic, medical, and transportation available in West Virginia.

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West Virginia, the Mountain State, had just over 1.8 million people in 2012. Located in Appalachia, West Virginia is a crossroads between the east and midwest and the north and south. One of the nicest things about this state are its friendly people; some say they are the friendliest folks in the U.S. It is mostly small cities like Morgantown, Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Wheeling, and Wierton, along with many small towns and rural areas. The state is known for outstanding outdoor recreation in its mountains, lakes, and rivers.

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West Virginia Climate
The West Virginia climate is on the border of humid-subtropical. There are 4 seasons. Summers are hot and winters are cold with frequent snowstorms in the higher elevations and northern part of the state. Weather differs greatly from north to south and east to west in the state.

Economy and Real Estate Prices
West Virginia's inflation adjusted per capita income at $21,000 is near the bottom of all states in the U.S. Median home prices at $91,100 in 2012 were  far less expensive than in rest of the U.S. In the Charleston area the median home sold for $155,400 in the first quarter of 2013 (NAR) and the cost of living index is 80. Mining and oil are important to the economy, which has had its ups and downs.

West Virginia Taxes

Tax Burden: Total tax burden in West Virginia is 9.3%, 29th highest of all the states.

Marginal Income Tax Rates. West Virginia's highest income tax bracket is 6.5%. 

Retirement Income and social security exemption. The state is one of the few that taxes social security income, although taxpayers over 65 may exclude the first $8000 ($16,000 if filing jointly) of any retirement income. A couple filing jointly with $70,000 in income would pay $3380 in WV income tax, after taking the retirement income exemption - this is one of the highest amounts of state income taxes in the country.

Sales Tax:  State sales tax is 6.%.

Property Taxes:  Per capita property tax is among the lowest of all the states.

Homestead Exemption. A homestead exemption provides for a $20,000 exemption against the value of a single family residence. 

Estate and/or Inheritance Taxes. WV does not levy inheritance or estate taxes.

Link to http://www.wva.state.wv.us/wvtax/

Certified Retirement Communities
There is a certified retirement community program in West Virginia.

Best retirement communities in West Virginia
Active adults looking for retirement information on West Virginia can find vital information on this site to help assess this friendly state as a retirement community. One of the best parts of West Virginia is the college town of Morgantown, home to the 26,000 students of West Virginia University. This small and livable city is nestled by the mountains and beautiful Cheat Lake. Other great college towns include Bethany (Bethany College) and Buckhannon (West Virginia Wesleyan). Some say Huntington is the best city in West Virginia, a well planned city with wide avenues and easy access to town. Others like the capital city, Charleston, a modest town with low cost of living and easy access to recreation. The WV certified retirement communities include Morgantown, Beckley, Bluefield, Summers County, and Nicholas County.

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