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Topretirements is gearing up to publish an expanded article for our “Tips and Picks” section on how to persuade aging parents that it is time to move to some type of retirement home. We are very interested in hearing “war stories” from our readers’ experiences in trying to persuade their relatives to move from their private homes to a facility where they can get the care they need (independent living, assisted living, retirement home, continuing care retirement community, or nursing home). Please send your comments to editor@topretirements.com; we will try to share as many as we can.

Along with many people we know, we have struggled unsuccessfully with this issue. It is extremely difficult to persuade the elderly that they need more care. The reasons why relatives and friends don’t want to move out of their homes are certainly understandable – loss of independence and privacy being 2 really good ones. Whatever the reason, it seems like the majority of older people refuse to move until it is too late. The most serious ramification of waiting too long is that a serious health event occurs. That usually means disqualification for admittance to the most attractive facilities, or admittance only at a much higher cost. There are many other negatives associated with waiting too long, which we will explore in the Tips and Picks article. Please send us your experiences, and keep checking on this site for the new article.

Update May 2007: Use this link to find the completed article on Helping Elders Move, and this one to discuss your own war stories on helping to manage elder moves

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