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What it's Like to Retire in Tahoe

Vacationers and people in retirement love the vast area of Tahoe because of its scenery and recreational opportunities. This community offers much, from world class skiing to boating. Other areas nearby, such as Squaw Valley and Mammoth Lakes, offer lower key and less developed versiona of Lake Tahoe that could also be considered as retirement destinations.

Lake Tahoe has suffered from much use and development. These activities have been linked to ‘clouding’ of the Lake’s amazingly blue waters. Currently, there is considerable conflict between the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and local homeowners and developers. Housing tends to be extremely expensive, especially near the lake and ski slopes. The Tahoe area includes many different smaller communities located near the lake. Forest fires can be a serious problem as seen in the summer of 2007. Lake Tahoe is located in Placer County in northern California. The lake’s surface is 6,229 feet above sea level. Photo of hotel on the lake courtesy of Wikipedia and Sean O'Flaherty.

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Where to Retire in Tahoe and Home Prices

There are a number of towns on or near the lake, all of them relatively small. They include Sunnyside-Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach, Dollar Point, and South Lake.
Home prices have been negatively affected by the housing crisis. Home prices have fallen from 2008, when the median price on City-Data was well over $500,000.  There are so many types of houses that prices are in a wide range. Zillow's Home Value Index for Tahoe home in mid 2014 was $321,400, but City-Data puts it much higher.


What is special about Tahoe

4 season interest, World class scenery, Great skiing, boating, and outdoor activities


What is not special about Tahoe

It is isolated, particularly when hit by winter blizzards. Not much infrastructure in terms of communities for active adults or people in retirement. Forest fires


Who will like retirement in Tahoe

People who live here tend to love the outdoors and get away from it all. For more information about how to retire in California or towns like Napa or Eureka

Local economy is driven by

Tourism and real estate. For California Craigslist

Climate and Physical Environment

The area is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern California and offers some of the most majestic scenery in the world. View Google Map for Lake Tahoe

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Lake Tahoe does not have much to offer for culture that we are aware of. Can some locals add more information?


Crime in the Tahoe area is just under the national average.

Medical facilities

Local facilities are limited - the resorts might offer the best care alternatives.


The drive to San Francisco is about 2 hours in good weather

Valuable Links

Lake Tahoe on Wikipedia

What people are saying about Tahoe

Lake Tahoe in Placer County?
Also of note Lake Tahoe is NOT entirely in Placer County, the Central and southern area is in El Dorado County. Response to readytoplay although somewhat dated, I just found this site as I\'m planning MY retirement. Tahoe has roughly 4 distinct and they all seem to differ in live style. North Shore more touristy and quieter than South Shore but VERY congested with traffic during the tourist season and holidays. East shore \"Nevada side\" a quiet area but very expensive. West Shore more \"Old Tahoe\" feel to it. Then there is South Shore which has many outdoor activities and the Casinos right at Stateline. The casinos and Big Money seem to drive what goes on in South Shore, sometimes referred to as the \"Coney Island of the High Sierras\". There is ALOT of history here which is quit interesting, but most folks don\'t even think about Tahoe\'s history, only the Scenery, Lake, Skiing and the Casinos which seem to draw patrons with less \"class\" then they did 40 years ago. People come up to South Shore to leave their brains and manners at home to see whatever they can get away with.
Posted by Tahoe303 on June 25, 2015
Tahoe to San Francisco in 2 hours? Not Realistic!
What part of \"Lake Tahoe\" are you referring to? From South Lake Tahoe it\'s 100 miles to Sacramento, and San Francisco is about another 90 miles past that. 35 miles of 2 lane mountain road, the rest 4 lane highway to Placerville, then over 100 miles of freeway from Placerville to San Francisco. I never made it to San Francisco in 2 hours even in a CODE 3 Ambulance! Medical Care in South Lake Tahoe is manly geared towards promoting Orthopedic and Sports Medicine treatment, other specialties are available but for any heart, severe medical issues, or trauma you\'ll be shipped elsewhere. Please check and confirm your facts. I\'ve been a Tahoe resident since 1972.
Posted by Tahoe303 on June 25, 2015
Never been to Tahoe, but the buzz is great
Maybe someone who has spent time in Tahoe could answer this one. The recreation scene seems first rate for all seasons. But where is the best place to live. Are there some condos, developments, or associations that are set up for active adults? I worry about buying into a place that becomes the local party scene for 20 somethings from the Bay Area on weekends. Curious.
Posted by readytoplay on December 15, 2006

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Facts about TAHOE
  • State: CA
  • Environment: Mountain,Lake,Boating Community,Outdoor Oriented,Biking Community,Resort Community,
  • City Population: 10,000-25,000
  • Median age of Population: 25-44
  • Avg Jan Temperature: 21-40
  • Avg July Temperature: 60-80
  • Median HH Income: 41,001-60,000
  • Average Home Price (MLS): $300,001-$500,000
  • Annual Property Tax on a $200,000 house: Less than 2000
  • Total Crime Index: 81-90 (low)
  • Cost of Living Index: 101-110 (slightly above average)
  • Culture Index: 81-90 (low)
  • State Sales Tax: Yes
  • State Income Tax: Yes
  • Name of the Guide: boomer1

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