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Our goal at Topretirements.com is to help 78 million baby boomers make more informed decisions about key issues in retirement. That includes topics such as where to live and the reasons that should go into that decision. We also try to provide intelligent background information about important issues like Social Security, Medicare, how to survive retirement financially, as well as how to make the best of and enjoy your well deserved retirement. We hope this site is where real people share honest opinions about retirement in a supportive environment.   Our message to retirees is: retirement gives you the freedom to start over fresh, so you might as well make informed decisions!

We do have an axe to grind in the retirement discussion; if you are a retiree or near-retiree we are rooting for you!  If we see an issue that affects you, we will try to present you with objective facts from reputable sources. We will also occasionally give you a point of view - if we think a development is harmful or beneficial to you, we will say so. But if we do, it will be labelled as our opinion.

The tools on this site are meant to help gathering this information easier, with reviews and data provided by real people like you. It is your site - feel free to contribute the benefit of your experience, and share in what your peers have to offer as well.


Here are some of the key features you will find:

City Reviews -Editable reviews by actual people of the leading places to retire. Each review follows specific categories such as "What’s Special About", Medical facilities, average January temperature, housing prices etc. Our many volunteer guides provide input on each town to help you make an informed decision. Check out our short Intro Video that shows how to find best places on this site.

Active Adult Community Reviews - Once you know what town you would like to live in, this database will help you find the best active adult communities. Our Featured and Top Listings have extensive links and the ability to request brochures, etc. Data on each community includes  amenities, types of housing, community features, etc.

Find a Community -Located at the top right of most pages, Find a Community features a pull-down menu of states and countries. Select the state you want, then click on "Search" to see a list of towns and active communities. .

Search - There are several search options available. Use the Google powered boxes at the top or bottom of the page to search on key words. Or use the Search tab in the top navigation for Advanced Search - look for communities with specific amenities, or towns by cost of living, culture, January low temperature, etc..

Retirement Community Discussion Forum -Join in lively discussions on what it’s like to live in specific communities, states, and cities. Forum topics also cover other issues related to retirement- such as family, finances, staying busy, etc.

Retirement Ranger - This new interactive quiz helps you zero in quickly on a personalized list of best places to retire. Answer 10 questions and you will get an instant, free report emailed to you. Use your Topretirements user name and password to sign up, or create new ones if you aren't already registered. You can retake the quiz as often as you would like.

Free Newsletters. We publish several free newsletters to help you make a smarter retirement decision:
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New Active Communities (Eastern and Western editions). 4-7 communities newly added or revised to our database of communities.
Daily Digest - This automated daily newsletter provides a link to every new Blog article and Comment, city review or revision, and new active community.

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How You Support This Website

Topretirements.com is an advertising supported website. We accept advertising from Google and other advertisers. In some cases we receive a commission on certain products (mostly books) listed on this site. In addition, owners of private communities or other products may purchase enhanced listings or advertising to promote their properties. Unlike some websites, we do not pay referral fees to companies that steer visitors to the facilities listed here.

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Topretirements.com went live in 2007 and has almost 200,000 unique visitors every month. Our Founder and President is John F. Brady. One of the oldest baby boomers and one fascinated with the demographic landside this age group produced, he retired as Executive Vice President of Business & Legal Reports, Inc., a business publisher specializing in human resources, environmental, and safety compliance. 

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