FAQ’s at Topretirements

From time to time you might have a question about how to get help at Topretirements.com. Here are some common Questions and Answers to assist you:

How can I change or retrieve my username, password, or email address?
Go to our Help page, where you can easily do all of those things.  Note that we send out our newsletters via an outside service, so changing your email address for those involves a different, but very easy process. To change your newsletter address just use the link at the bottom of any newsletter we send to you (you can also use those links to unsubscribe or update your preferences).

How can I post Comments or questions at Topretirements.com?
There are several ways to do that. You can just use the Comments box at the end of all of our Blog articles. You may post Comments even if not logged in to the site, but if you are logged in your Comment does not normally have to wait to be approved. Please try to stay on topic - if you search the Blog you can probably find a post relevant to your concern. To post in the Forum you do need to be logged in (we do that to prevent spammers from taking over the Forum). You can also use the Contact Us  link to make suggestions or comments of a general nation.

How can I sign up for your free newsletters?
Go to this Signup link, where you will be asked to provide your email address. Once you do that you will be provided by a list of the free newsletters which we offer.  Note that if you register as a Member at Topretirements you will be given the option to sign up for our free weekly “Best Places” newsletter.

Is Topretirements a free site?
Yes, there is no charge for doing anything on Topretirements or our newsletters. We are advertising supported; our loyal advertisers are the folks who make it possible to provide our information to you. We take care to allow only first rate companies to advertise with us - in general we do not accept ads from financial or outfits that follow up aggressively. If you use an Ad Blocker please turn it off for our domain so you may see our content.

What is the Retirement Ranger?
This is  a free 10 question quiz. Upon completion you will be sent an email with a link to the Results page. Based on how you answer the questions, that page will provide you with a list of towns and communities that match your interests in terms of climate, expense, cultural, physical environment, size, region/state, etc. You can take the Ranger over and over, which allows you to refine, expand, or change your preferences.  There is a link to Retirement Ranger at the top of every page.

Do you sell my personal information?
No. We only ask enough information to help us understand our audience better. We do not sell, rent, or disseminate that info, including your email address, to anyone.  We are a website, however, so your usage patterns may be tracked by others downstream (that is why if you search somewhere for “tennis shoes” you keep seeing ads for tennis shoes on any website you visit for the next few weeks). To try to minimize this data capture you should clear your cookies on a regular basis. Here is a link to our Privacy page.


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