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Birchwood at Brambleton is an exciting new community for active adults 55+ located in the heart of Loudoun County, and is intentionally d...

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Cadence at Lansdowne is a brand new 55+ active adult community offering a vibrant lifestyle in Lansdowne, Virginia. It's where you can ha...

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Embrey Mill® is an all-ages master-planned community located in Stafford, Virginia, just north of Fredericksburg, and offers a totally st...

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Fairfield Glade, a stunning master-planned community, is perched high atop the Cumberland Plateau, and offers serene mountain beauty as i...

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New Siege of Vicksburg: Baby Boomers Battle to Make it a Destination, Retirement Community

Category: Retirement Real Estate

October 27 — It’s one thing to pull up stakes and move to a town that’s known as a retirement community like Asheville, Phoenix, or Naples. But it’s quite another to hitch your star to a community that has potential – but hasn’t yet made the transition from to “idyllic”. While Vicksburg has a lot going for it (see our review of Vicksburg) it has been economically depressed for a long time, with much visible poverty.

Undaunted, some pioneering baby boomers are charting an adventurous course in Vicksburg, hoping that it becomes the next hot tourist destination and baby boomer retirement community. Topretirements recently traveled to this beautiful city on the Yazoo and Mississippi rivers to check it out as a retirement community. We interviewed 2 sets of young boomers who moved here recently to find out more. (more…)

Posted by Admin on October 28th, 2007

New Grant Could Put College Courses in Your Retirement Community

Category: General Retirement Issues

October 22 — If you have been looking for a way to take more college courses – either offered in a nearby community college or in your active adult community – you might be interested in a new grant from the The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). The $3.2 million grant was created by The Atlantic Philanthropies to create or expand programs to serve 50-plus Americans at select community colleges around the nation. The colleges, which will be selected through a competitive process, will help to identify and promote best practices in serving the “older adult learner”. (more…)

Posted by Boomer1 on October 22nd, 2007

“Green” Resources for Retirement Communities

Category: Green Retirement Communities

October 17 — Environmentally oriented retirement communities are beginning to earn a toehold in this country. But the pressure for green communities and for energy and environmental conservation is really coming from the people who live in retirement communities — more so than from the developers. A recent study from the Mediamark Research BoomerView study found that 40.7% of baby boomers say “Preserving the Environment” is a very important guiding principle in their lives (that is 11% higher than reported by all adults). A good example of green (sustainable) retirement communities are the cohousing projects for baby boomers that are being built in the American West. (more…)

Posted by Boomer1 on October 17th, 2007

Baby Boomers to Builders: We Don’t Want Our Fathers’ Retirement Communities

Category: Baby Boomer Retirement Issues

October 15 — Ask 10 baby boomers what they are looking for in retirement communities and you are likely to come up with dozens of different answers. Baby boomers are used to marching to their own drummers, and there is no reason that their choices in retirement communities will be any different. This article draws from a number of different sources and is intended to provide a representative sample of different opinions.
7 Lakes active adult community
Golf attracts many to active adult communities

Amenities. Here are some of the top amenities found in a survey done in 2000 by the National Association of Home Builders: (more…)

Posted by Boomer1 on October 15th, 2007

Retirement Community Shade Speads Over Sunshine State

Category: Retirement Real Estate

October 8 — Competition for the dollars of the newly retired is heating up, and it seems like Florida could be the state that takes the biggest hit. The Sunshine State, always popular for its retirement communities, has seen a number of negative factors that are increasingly deflecting retirees to other states in the Sunbelt.Fort Lauderdale boats and condosRetirement in Luxurious Fort Lauderdale

Some of the Florida downsides include overcrowding and traffic, increasing real estate costs (64% higher than just 5 years ago), a spate of devastating hurricanes, and ever-increasing insurance costs related to those hurricanes. The current housing bust is about as bad in Florida as anywhere. (more…)

Posted by Admin on October 8th, 2007

Hawaii is Number 1 Preferred State Among Baby Boomers

Category: Baby Boomer Retirement Issues

October 1 — A new Harris Poll on state living preferences found that baby boomers (aged 43 – 61) would prefer to live in Hawaii over all other states. In this regard they differ from the rest of the U.S. population, which would choose California. Although it was not explicitly asked, it is assumed that baby boomers, given their age, are thinking about states where they would like to retire. Baby boomers’ number 2 choice would be Florida, followed by California. According to Harris, being close to the beach was important in why Hawaii and California are so popular.

Maui Luxury Retirement

Luxury retirement in Maui Hawaii

Favorite city to live in of all age groups is New York City. The Big Apple was followed by San Diego, Seattle, and San Francisco. Here is a list of the top 5 states that baby boomers would prefer most to live in:

  • Hawaii
  • Florida
  • California
  • North Carolina
  • Colorado

The question asked in the Harris poll was: “If you could live in any state in the country, except the state you live in now, what state would you choose to live in?”

Top 10 Most Popular Retirement Towns

Posted by Boomer1 on October 1st, 2007