As Gays Age, Retirement Communities Become Next Challenge

Category: LGBT Retirement

December 17 — Gays and Lesbians in America have overcome many barriers and achieved more tolerance in many areas of their lives. Society is generally more accepting, workplaces have changed to accommodate domestic partner rights, even the armed forces are less restrictive. But as baby boomer gays and lesbians (LGBTs) begin to retire in large numbers, they are finding that retirement communities are the next frontier. (more…)

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TR’s Owner Has Property Tax Op- Ed Published in New York Times

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

December 16 — It’s a very exciting day for John Brady, owner of his Op-Ed feature on the need for Property Tax Reform, Time to Retire the Property Tax, was featured as an Op-Ed in the Connecticut section of today’s Times.
The thesis in his Op-Ed is that archaic property tax laws are not only unfair, but that they also hurt education budgets. (more…)

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Best Holiday Presents for the New Retiree

Category: General Retirement Issues

One of the benefits of retirement is it opens up new possibilities for gifts. Whether it is for yourself, a friend, or a loved one; here are some ideas for holiday gifts that are fun and appropriate for the retiree’s new station in life. In fact, in case you get asked to make a retirement speech, your friend might like the present better than your speech.

Golf – Lots of people get more serious about golf in retirement. Check out these ideas:
Medicus swing trainer. If you have a perfect swing this tool stays in one piece. If you are like me, it breaks in 2 pieces at the end of the backswing. Get it to stay in one piece and you have trained the perfect swing. (more…)

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Best Outdoor Retirement Towns in America

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If you have been hankering to retire to a place where the great out of doors is, well, right out your door, there is a new book you might want to pick up.  “Best Outdoor Towns” by Sarah Tuff & Greg Melville. The authors researched the best outdoor towns by looking at access to state and national parks; pristine outdoor areas; lakes and rivers; plus recreational activities like windsurfing, hiking, snowboarding, cross country skiing, fishing, and more. Just to make sure that these are outstanding communities from other viewpoints, they also factored in (more…)

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