Florida Voters Roll Back Property Taxes

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January 30, 2008 — Florida — In a crushing 64% to 36% vote Florida voters overwhelmingly brought in a new wave of property tax reform in their state, passing Amendment 1. The amendment would lower property taxes. It increases the homestead exemption by $15,000, saving voters an average of $240. It also provides “portability” of protected assessed values for Florida residents, meaning that if they sell their homes and move to a new one they can continue to have a 3% cap on the assessed value for their “protected” amounts. (more…)

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Adventures in South Florida Retirement Real Estate – 2008

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The real estate market in South Florida, one of the hardest hit regions of the country, affects thousands and thousands or baby boomers who are considering retirement communities there. Your Topretirements editor has been in the Sunshine State for the past several weeks – this report summarizes his microcosmic view of the Florida real estate market. (more…)

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Top 10 Baby Boomer Retirement Community Trends for 2008

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Note: This article has been updated with the top 2011 active communities trends.

With many baby boomers expecting their first social security checks in the mail soon, the next obvious question is…. where will all of these boomers live in retirement? Indeed, a favorite baby boomer cocktail party conversational gambit these days is “Where are you thinking about living in retirement?” With big events like this afoot, we thought we would try our hand at predicting 2008’s top 10 trends for baby boomer retirement communities. One thing is certain – baby boomers are so diverse that just about every retirement will be different. Here goes: (more…)

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New Year Comes in As Uncertainty Persists in Real Estate Markets

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January 2 – The new year might have just rung in, but the news for buyers of retirement real estate is the same – buyers are cautious as inventory piles up, sales slow down drastically, and prices come down only slightly. A dire New Year’s Day front page headline in the Miami Herald screamed about “Home Sales and Prices” being in a “Nosedive”. But aside from the softness in the market for retirement communities, another worry has emerged – unfullfilled promises and communities. (more…)

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