New Social Security Retirement Income Calculator

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

Want to know how much you will receive from Social Security when you retire? How much will your check will be if you start taking benefits at 62, 66, or “full” retirement age (70). The Social Security Administration has just unleashed a powerful tool, The Retirement Estimator, that will give you these figures in less than a minute.

It’s a great retirement calculator that has many uses. We’ve been doing some work with retirees lately and it is truly sad to see how many people are not financially prepared. (more…)

Posted by Admin on August 19th, 2008

Are Boondocks Active Adult Communities the Wrong Move

Category: Active adult communities

August 6 — We are constantly on the lookout for the best places to retire. And it’s fun to write about a place so nice that it gives you the itch to move there.

A more difficult problem emerges when we try to seek out the best active adult communities. Many people want to live in these self-contained worlds (and yes, many won’t go near them too!). But when we get excited about an active adult community that sounds just great – the other shoe drops when we find out where it is. Yep, 9 times out of 10 it is in some little town that no one has ever heard of, way out in the boondocks. (more…)

Posted by Admin on August 6th, 2008