Retirement Your Way – Co-Housing Might Be Your Answer

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For millions of baby boomers, adult communities and 55+ communities are a great retirement option. For these retirees, having everything pre-packaged; from recreation to housing and even to even friends; has a lot of appeal. But for many other boomers, the active adult community is anathema. (more…)

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Top 10 Trends for Active Adult Communities in 2009

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Note: This is our 2009 article. We updated these active communities trends in 2011 based on interviews with 6 industry experts and comments from our members. Both articles make for interesting reading.

With a fresh avalanche of baby boomers sliding into senior-hood every day, there is a lot of interest in 55+ housing trends. This article provides the Topretirements list of the top 10 active adult community trends for 2009. (We did the same exercise for 2008. There are many similarities on both lists, but also some new ideas).

The ultimate trend for 2009 – and the great unknown – is will the real estate (more…)

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Our New Guest Columnist Writes: “The Pleasure of Nothing”

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Topretirements is thrilled to announce that our frequent contributor, Betty Fitterman, has agreed to be a guest columnist on this site. Her new column will appear in our Tips and Picks Section under the heading, Betty’s Thoughts on Retirement. As many readers will remember, Betty has already contributed one of our best read collection of articles, a 6 part series on the trials, tribulations, and tantalizing highs that comes from “Turtle Living” – that is, retiring to a home that is really a 41′ Class A Motor Coach.

First Installment – The Pleasure of Nothing
Betty’s series will touch on other parts of the retirement life as it applies to over-achieving baby boomers. Over her long career as a successful advertising agency executive from the creative side, her perspectives are sure to be entertaining as well as thought provoking. Witness her first column, “The Pleasure of Nothing“, just posted to the site. Check it out. Betty welcomes comments on her musings, which you can do in the Topretirements’ Forum under “Baby Boomer Stuff“.

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15 Bike-Friendly Retirement Towns

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Thanks in part to last year’s energy crisis, biking is hot again. At least $4/gallon gas had one side benefit, it made us aware of the joys and simplicity of our bicycles for transportation and recreation. Knowing that many retirees are looking for bike-friendly retirement towns, we recently authored an article that highlights 15 top bike-friendly cities. You can see the in-depth article in our Tips & Picks section – 15 Great Biking Towns for Retirement. The article discusses bike-friendly towns in 3 categories – those set up for bikes as the best form of transportation, those who have wonderful bike trails, and finally – towns that either have or are near the best mountain biking. (more…)

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Baby Boomers Lowering Average Age in Retirement Communities

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The average age of active adult and retirement communities was reasonably stable – until now. While the original active adult communities like Century Village and Sun City have been getting older as their early residents aged in place, this was countered in the overall population by residents in newer communities, who tend to be on the younger side. Enter those darn baby boomers, the oldest of whom are now turning 63. (more…)

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Will Retiring Baby Boomers Pull Us out of This Recession

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The deluge of unending bad economic news is enough to make Pollyanna turn downright crabby. Stocks are down, Madoff type pyramid schemes are up, and real estate can barely be given away in some parts of the country. What is worse is that Americans have forgotten their economic history. Lost is the experience we learned the hard way – that lack of confidence fuels the downturn – individuals and businesses continue to feel worse, cutting back more, so more and more people lose their jobs. The bad news cycle just goes on, until some magical day (Inauguration Day!?) when confidence returns, people start spending again, and businesses feel like they have to hire more people to keep up with demand. (more…)

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