When Active Adult Communities Go Bad

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bankowned-bigNote: This article was originally posted in 2009. Although things have improved in some communities, most of these same issues remain in 2011.

With prices in some very interesting active adult communities sliced in half from just 2 years ago, it is tempting to buy a retirement home. But as many thoughtful people have pointed out, those bargain prices could have… (more…)

Posted by Admin on June 30th, 2009

Just what is a 55 plus active adult – and why should I care?

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The first part of the definition is easy – there are a lot of people who are 55 years of age or older. By the year 2010 there will be 74 million people who fit that category in the U.S. – nearly 1 in 4 people.

Arguably the term “55 plus active adult” includes just about everybody in this age group-except for those in prison, hospitals, or who live a sedentary lifestyle. But realistically, the term (more…)

Posted by Admin on June 13th, 2009

Retirement Ranger: “Hi Yo Silver-Hairs Away!”

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logo_rangerThere’s a new retirement calculator in town, and this one is proud to be wearing a brown hat. The Retirement Ranger’s motto says it all: “Hi Yo, silver-hairs, away!” (Thanks to OldNassau for that great motto).

Retirement Ranger is a Free new interactive calculator that delivers an instant, personalized list of best places to retire. Answer 11 questions and you will be emailed an instant, free report. Use your Topretirements user name and password to sign up, or create a new one if you aren’t already registered. You can retake the quiz as often as you would like – it’s free and there is no obligation. (more…)

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Villages CDDs Get Proposed IRS Settlement

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Update: July 27, 2009.  As promised, the IRS has expanded its audit of the tax-free status of more bonds after failing to reach a settlement with Community Development Districts at The Villages.  The investigation now covers almost $400 million in recreation and other bonds, up from $64 million in the original audit. See the Bond Buyer Story for more.

Original Story: The Villages, the giant active adult community south of Ocala, FL, has received a proposed settlement from the IRS to resolve an investigation of tax-free bonds issued by 2 of its Community Development Districts (CDDs). The Bond Buyer reports that the settlement would mean that the Village Center and Sumter Landing Districts would redeem over $355 million bonds issued in 2003, pay the federal government $2.85 million, and refrain from issuing more tax-exempt bonds. The IRS suggested that (more…)

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The Best of the “Best Places to Retire” Lists

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CBS Moneywatch.com has just published a thoughtful article on Best Places to Retire Lists. Thoughtful in the sense that it recognizes that there is no one best place to retire, people need different kinds of lists to match their differing objectives and preferences.

Moneywatch limited its review of the lists only to those updated since 2008. That led to its 5 top rated lists – U.S. News, Money, Smart Money, TopRetirements.com, and RetirementLiving.com.  Could we say that Topretirements was pleased to have come out as the most highly rated of the bunch – YES!!!

The Moneywatch.com writer, Richard Eisenberg, liked Topretirements because of the “Zagat-like” reviews and a “wide variety of reasonable criteria” for selecting the best places to retire on the basis of “livability”.  Topretirements was rated best for finding towns that other retirees like. (more…)

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