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Wendell Falls is a new, all-ages community located just minutes from downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, and features an eclectic, walkable...

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Welcome to Cresswind Charlotte!  This nature-rich refuge of inviting streetscapes, manicured landscaping and miles of walking trails...

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Cresswind Charleston is Charleston-area's BEST active adult lifestyle community. Cresswind inspires active adults to live life to the ful...

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Few towns in the Southeast offer more gracious charm than Aiken, South Carolina.  Take a relaxing stroll through Aiken's tree-lined ...

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Brookfield Residential at Two Rivers is a brand new community designed for those 55+, and offers an abundance of opportunities for a vibr...

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Life at Heritage Shores is full of amenities, activities and social opportunities. When you live here, each day can be as active or laid ...


Best Retirement Stories of the Year

Category: General Retirement Issues

Just like in every other sphere of life, the articles we post at Topretirements have their share of winners – and the not so successful. This year’s big, big winner was “Sunbelt Shines on the 100 Most Popular Retirement Towns”; it was read 267,000 times. It was pretty easy to predict that topic would be a success, but sometimes there are surprises going the other way. “Dueling States: Arizona vs. Florida for Retirement” is a good example of a feature that was not nearly (more…)

Posted by John Brady on December 27th, 2010

2011 Retirement Trends You Should Be Thinking About

Category: Baby Boomer Retirement Issues

Every year we dust off our crystal ball and try to think about what’s ahead for retirees in the year ahead. But before we do that, here are a few observations about 2010, the year that is just about to end:

– Housing prices stabilized in most markets in 2010, and even started to increase slightly in many cities and towns. The free fall in prices that came in 2008 and 2009 has mostly stopped. Although median home prices slipped in the first quarter according to the National Association of Realtors, they increased from (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 26th, 2010

What’s on Your Retirement Bucket List

Category: General Retirement Issues

Editor’s Note: In August 2012 we asked our visitors and members to tell us what is on their bucket lists. See the fascinating result in this article: “Wow – Your Bucket Lists Are Amazing!

December 20, 2010 — Maybe you’ve seen the movie “The Bucket List”. It stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, both of whom have less than a year to live in the movie. The plot unfolds from there, as this odd duo goes on a road trip together trying to accomplish as much as possible in the days remaining before they “kick the bucket”. We confess we haven’t seen the movie, but it sounds kind of fun. The premise is so applicable to those of us who are starting out in retirement. Although we are luckier than Nicholson and Morgan in that we have more than 1 year to accomplish our list, that also carries the danger that we have so much time left that we feel like we don’t have to (more…)

Posted by John Brady on December 20th, 2010

How Would You Describe Your Retirement Lifestyle

Category: General Retirement Issues

December 13, 2010 — Remember when you took that college psychology class and you (or maybe your buddies) noticed how nicely you fit into some of the more interesting disorder diagnoses? Along those same lines, Allianz Financial has come up with a way to classify retirees. They have found 5 types: read on to see which one fits you.

Worse than Death
Their study, “Reclaiming the Future“, also had two other very interesting observations:
– Most people in the study fear running out of money more than they fear death
– They also appreciate that the financial meltdown has created a retirement “crisis”.

It is a little hard to imagine in advance how an insurance company might (more…)

Posted by John Brady on December 13th, 2010

Best Places for Retired Military

Category: Best Retirement Towns and States

December 7 — Harrisburg, PA; Syracuse, NY; and Waco, TX are not used to being selected as “best places to retire”. Yet these towns were among the top 10 on a new list of best places for retired military personnel from USAA and The USAA lists provide a perfect illustration of why choosing a place to retire based on criteria that make sense for you is better than relying on any random list.

Retired military personnel share many common retirement needs. Many of them, particularly officers or senior noncoms, will get a substantial pension. Moving to a state where that pension won’t be taxed could be worth thousands of dollars a year. Likewise, retired soldiers, sailors, airmen, and (more…)

Posted by John Brady on December 7th, 2010

What Makes for Great Active Adult Communities

Category: Active adult communities

December 3, 2010 — The sentiment expressed in…”I could have had a V-8!” is relevant to your selection of an active adult community or retirement town: Why settle for an average retirement community when you could live in a really good one? So with that goal in mind we have assembled a list of what we think makes for a great active adult community. We welcome comments and additional criteria, as well as all reader suggested nominations.

Active Community Best Practices
1. Great communication.In our opinion the #1 thing any organization can do is communicate – effectively and openly. Whether it is the HOA or the developer, have some good ways to communicate. Websites, newsletters, agendas, meetings are all great. Agendas for meetings should be published (more…)

Posted by John Brady on December 3rd, 2010