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Welcome to Cresswind Charlotte!  This nature-rich refuge of inviting streetscapes, manicured landscaping and miles of walking trails...

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Cresswind Charleston is Charleston-area's BEST active adult lifestyle community. Cresswind inspires active adults to live life to the ful...

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Life at Heritage Shores is full of amenities, activities and social opportunities. When you live here, each day can be as active or laid ...

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Twin Oaks is a 55+ active adult community located in sunny Bradenton, Florida, and brimming with serenity and charm. Our private, pet-fri...

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Fairfield Glade, a stunning master-planned community, is perched high atop the Cumberland Plateau, and offers serene mountain beauty as i...


Why… and How to Pick the Best Financial Advisor for Retirement

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

April 26, 2010 — Most of us find it hard to admit the truth: when it comes to skills that require any degree of expertise, like financial advice, we are amateurs. Just like our skills in plumbing, electricity, architecture, medicine, software programming, or teach golf; it’s best to have an expert doing the work for us. This article will explain why hiring a competent financial advisor to help plan for your retirement is a smart move. After all, if you don’t have enough money, it’s going to be hard to have the retirement you deserve. We’ll provide some basic tips on how to find a good investment advisor. At the end of the article we have listed some helpful resources that explore more dimensions on how to make a smart choice.

One of the biggest advantages that financial advisors offer is… (more…)

Posted by John Brady on April 25th, 2011

A Refreshing New Vision of the Active Community at Fearrington Village

Category: Active adult communities

April 22, 2011 — Be prepared for the unexpected at Fearrington Village, a unique community just outside of Chapel Hill, NC. So if you are looking for the standard active adult community, you will not find it here. Instead you will see grazing cows, a bookstore, 5 star resort, walking trails, parks, and a wide range of beautiful homes. It’s a refreshing development that reflects the eclectic passions and common sense wisdom of its founder, R. B. Fitch.

Full disclosure department: My wife and I were overnight guests at Fearrington Village (which is also a Showcase Advertiser at Topretirements) in mid-April. No one asked us to write this review; we thought you would want to know about this interesting community.

Fearrington Village (pronounced Fairington Village) was founded by R.B. Fitch and his late wife Jenny in 1974. Influenced by their trips to small English villages, they soon purchased the adjacent 640 acre Fearrington Dairy Farm and began developing the property for people of all ages. It still has no age restriction, although the majority… (more…)

Posted by John Brady on April 22nd, 2011

Don’t Miss This Practical Guide to Mortgages and Housing

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

April 19, 2011 — It is almost a certainty that as a retiree, housing is going to be the most important item in your budget. Unfortunately, many people will make serious mistakes regarding their housing choices and the way they are financed. We recently were referred to an excellent and helpful guide, Housing and Mortgages for Seniors. It is definitely recommended reading, and here are some of its key points:

Housing Problems
The report details the most common housing/financial problems that people over (more…)

Posted by John Brady on April 19th, 2011

Why Your Best Place to Retire Might be… 2 Places

Category: Best Retirement Towns and States

Updated December 20, 2016 (Originally posted April 18, 2011)

Like most of our members you are probably working on finding your best place to retire. Will your retirement destination will be where you live now, in the same region, or far away – there are so many possibilities! This article is dedicated to a different idea – that your best place to retire might be 2 places. You might also be interested in this companion article for ideas on dual places to live: “Best Places to Retire: Our Ideal Snowbird Pairings“.

On the Plus Side – Avoiding Compromises
Perhaps the best reason to consider retiring in 2 places is that it helps avoid compromises. Let’s say you hate (more…)

Posted by John Brady on April 18th, 2011

Quiz: How Ready for Retirement Are You?

Category: General Retirement Issues

Editor’s note: Since we developed this one we have added another Quiz, Part 2. It is more financially oriented than this one. Take it and see how you do!

Revised April 6, 2013 — So you are getting ready to retire – either very soon or in the distant future. It’s good that you are thinking about it now, because planning equals success when it comes to retirement. Find out how ready you are with this short quiz. Take it now and get your score at the end.

A few tips about this quiz: Keep track of your “Yes” and “No” answers as you go along (or print it out and write down your answers). We have provided links both within the quiz and at the end for more information about specific parts (more…)

Posted by John Brady on April 11th, 2011

5 Retirement Related Tax Mistakes to Avoid

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

April 5, 2011 — Our friend Robert Powell over at WSJ MarketWatch never fails to publish a useful and interesting article about retirement planning. His latest, “Five Retirement Plan Tax Mistakes to Avoid“, is well worth the read. Here are the 5 mistakes:

1. Fund your 2010 Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRAs. If you haven’t done it already, he tells you how to mitigate….

Posted by John Brady on April 5th, 2011

Finding Your Niche Retirement Community

Category: Active adult communities

March 31, 2010 — Assuming you are not a one-size fits all kind of person, why would you want a retirement that anyone could be happy with? The happy answer is that increasingly, there are more and more specialized kinds of retirement communities. This article will cover some of the ones that we know about; members are encouraged to comment about others. Where we know about a sample community for that niche we have provided a link.

Active adult communities. These come in a variety of stripes, such as very large communities like The Villages that have an amazing array of amenities, clubs, and amenities. Or the smallest that might have the barest of amenities, perhaps a small fitness room and an outdoor pool. The common factor is that these are communities for people who want to be active and live around people closer…


Posted by John Brady on April 1st, 2011