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Wendell Falls is a new, all-ages community located just minutes from downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, and features an eclectic, walkable...

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Cresswind Charleston is Charleston-area's BEST active adult lifestyle community. Cresswind inspires active adults to live life to the ful...

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Cresswind Georgia at Twin Lakes is a new, gated 55+ community in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. With a focus on fitness, relationships,...

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Brookfield Residential at Two Rivers is a brand new community designed for those 55+, and offers an abundance of opportunities for a vibr...

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The Grove is an upscale, manufactured home community for active adults 55+, located in sunny Bradenton, Florida, on 40 lush acres of form...


5 Thoughts on Why Taxes Are the Worst Reason to Pick a Best Place to Retire

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

December 30, 2013 — (Note: A slightly different version of this article by Topretirements founder John Brady originally appeared in the Dec. 17 USA Today).

Millions of baby boomers are starting retirement with fewer financial resources than they had planned on. The various reasons for the shortfalls represent a perfect storm for boomers: defined benefit plans are largely a thing of the past, not saving enough money, poor investments, unexpected emergencies, or losing their jobs years before the expected retirements. To maintain their current lifestyles on a reduced budget, many have decided that a tax-friendly place to retire might be the way to go. But while no one wants to pay taxes, that priority could be misplaced. Here are 5 reasons to rethink (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 29th, 2013

Don’t Want Your Car Keys Confiscated Someday – Start These Exercises Now

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

December 28, 2013 — We don’t think any self-respecting baby boomer is ready for this news item: People over 65 years old accounted for 17 percent of the crash fatalities in 2012 but only 13 percent of the U.S. population. In other words, as we age we become less capable drivers than the general population. Most of us have had parents or aging friends who continue to drive at great risk to themselves and others. But no boomer wants to think about the day out in the future when our car keys are the ones being confiscated.

Perhaps more irritating than this news were the headlines that came with it, like: “Keeping Grandma (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 28th, 2013

Best of 2013: Our Most Viewed and Commented Articles for the Year

Category: General Retirement Issues

December 24, 2013 — It’s always fun to see which of our Blog articles find the most resonance with our dear Members and Visitors. Sometimes it is the unexpected ones that generate the most comments and/or readership, while usually any article that includes “Best Place to Retire” in the title usually does pretty well. Here is our annual review of the best of what we’ve come up with for 2013.

Most Commented Upon
We like to think we’ve done our job when an article sparks a lot of comments. Your comments are so valuable because they are so real, so different, each with their own kind of truth. (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 23rd, 2013

Holiday Season Provides RVers with Money-Making Pit Stops

Category: Adventurous retirement

December 17, 2013 — Ah the life of the RVer, free to move about the countryside in quest of perfect weather, scenery, and ambiance. When you get bored, gas-up and get going. But another, lesser known attribute of the “Turtle Life” is the ability to find seasonal employment. Just this week an Associated Press article, “Campers help Amazon keep up with holiday rush”, detailed how in particular relies on its “Camper Force” to bang out millions of Christmas season orders from its far-flung distribution centers. The online behemoth has warehouses in some unlikely places in Kentucky, Kansas, and Nevada – areas that lack sufficient local (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 17th, 2013

Due to Popular Demand, Mike Shares His Insights about Green Valley and Other Best Places to Retire in the Southwest

Category: Best Retirement Towns and States

December 16, 2013 — A while back we wrote an article about retirement in the great American Southwest – “Retirement 101: A Guide to Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah“. Recently the comments to this article were rejuvenated when member Mike T volunteered to add comments from his experiences looking for his best place to retire in the region. Ultimately he and his wife settled in Green Valley (AZ), where they have lived for the past 14 years. Mike is a former writer; he not only has a great eye for details but he succeeds in that most difficult of tasks, providing a balanced view. Here we provide a roundup of his recent posts to the original article (we made some minor edits to make it flow into a single article), along with some of the member questions to him from the Comments section of that post. Thanks so much Mike for taking the time to share your thoughts – your insights are incredible!

Mike T: We looked all over Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico in a four year search in most (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 16th, 2013

What Do Women Look for in a Financial Planner?

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

December 10, 2013 – If you are a woman we would like to know more about your experiences with financial planners. Do you have one now? How did you find him or her? What would you like them to accomplish for you? What prevents you from going to one? Have you ever fired one, and if so why? What qualities are the most important to you in a financial planner? What are your experiences in a transition (divorce, widowhood, etc.)? As a result of that transition did you leave your former planner, find a new one, or did you do your financial planning yourself?

The reasons behind these questions is that we are working on a joint project with frequent contributor and author Jan Cullinane to find out more about women and their use of financial planners. Jan will be using what we find out (anonymously) in an upcoming talk. We hope our visitors find the Comments to this Blog post useful. As a result of your comments and encouragement we were able to put together an article of tips and considerations on the subject: What Women Want in a Financial Advisor – And How to Find a Good One USTreasurycheck

Comments. Please share your experiences and thoughts in the Comments section below – thanks!

For further reading:
How to Select a Financial Advisor

Posted by Admin on December 10th, 2013

How to Find a Great Snowbird Rental for the Winter

Category: Retirement Real Estate

Updated August 25, 2015 (originally published December 10, 2013) — The horrible Arctic weather the northern half of the USA experienced in the last 2 winters had at least one major effect – it made a lot more people interested in finding a snowbird rental for the winter! This article will give you suggestions on how to narrow your choices on where to live, give some tips on how to go about finding a winter rental, and provide a list of reader-suggested snowbird destinations from earlier this year. Note that the reader Comments made to both this article and the related ones in the “Further Reading” section are at least as helpful as those in the article itself!

Keys to Success
The keys to success in finding a good snowbird rental are quite simple: get started early, and explore plenty of avenues. Hoping to luck into something is not very likely.

Many Advantages
We think there are many advantages to (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 10th, 2013

What Is Better Part of Florida for Retirement: Coast or Interior

Category: Best Retirement Towns and States

December 3, 2013 — We received this question from a member recently and thought it was worth publishing, along with our answer.

Q: Have decided that I want to soon retire to FL but unsure about finding a place to live near one of the coasts or in the interior, such as the Orlando and Ocala areas. Am hearing lots of scary stories about the costs of homeowners and flood insurance if living near the coast, but part (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 3rd, 2013

Working Person’s Guide to Life in Retirement

Category: Retirement Planning

December 2, 2013 — There’s an interesting new book out that has parallels to the transition from the working life to retirement. It’s “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth”, written by Colonel Chris Hadfield, one of the world’s most experienced astronauts. The book made us think about how much retirement is like entering a new world. Many of the survival skills you learned in the world of work will be useful. But to succeed in your new environment it might be necessary to master new ones. We are hoping that this guide will be a group effort – that those of you who have already passed through the airlock (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 2nd, 2013