These College Towns Make for a Great Retirement

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April 29, 2014 — For folks interested in an active retirement community for the mind there are few choices better than a college town. With so many advantages, and a minimum of reasons why not to try it, it is not surprising that so many baby boomers are exploring a college town retirement. This article, Part 2 in our series (see Part 1: “Should You Be Retiring to a College Town“), will explore many of the reasons why a college town retirement is so desirable, as well as list some of the more appealing campus towns in our database. We are indebted to frequent contributor Jan Cullinane, author of The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement (AARP/Wiley) and many other books and articles, for her insights into the advantages and drawbacks of college town life (see below).

College Towns. Here we mean a place where the college is the dominant influence on the flavor and (more…)

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Affordable 55+ Communities and More

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April 22, 2014 — This request came in from one of our members, and it seems like a good one: “Could you please do an article on 55+ retirement developments that are under $200,000. There are so many great places to look at but most aren’t affordable to us.”

The happy answer to this question is that there are all kinds of 55+ and active adult communities with homes available for less than $200,000 – sometimes far below. In this article we will first explore different strategies for finding an affordable community, then list (more…)

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Affordable Places to Retire on the Coast – Part 2

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Updated October 11, 2017 — This article was originally published in April, 2014. Prices have gone up since then in most of these markets, but they are still less expensive than many other coastal towns.

Retiring near the coast is many people’s dream. Visions of beautiful sunrises or sunsets over the water, boating, swimming, fishing, walks on the beach – it sounds great. But one practical thing that often gets in the way is the price of real estate. Those great views and proximity to the water usually come with a price tag that reflects marketplace demand. Fortunately, not every town on the water is out of reach. In this, Part 2 of our Affordable Places to Retire on the Water series, we’ve reviewed 10 coastal towns that are affordable. Some of these places to retire might not be as chichi as Naples, FL, but they are surprisingly nice and reasonable priced. Part 1, “Affordable Places to Retire on the Waterfront“, came out in 2010 (it included some towns where the waterfront was on a lake, this one does not).

Prices have gone up
The first thing we noticed when compiling this article is that home prices (more…)

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Best States for Retirement – 2014

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Update May 16, 2017 – We have updated this article with a 2 part installment. Here is the link to Part 1: These Crazy Best States to Retire Lists.

April 8, 2014 — Back by popular demand, here is our 2014 list of the best states for retirement (see links at bottom to our lists from previous years). This year we have taken a different approach – we’ve assembled “best of” lists by category. At the conclusion of the article we’ve listed those states that made more than one list, which you can use as an indication that they must be pretty good places for retirement!
See the counterpoint to this article: “Worst States for Retirement – 2014“.

The categories we’ve chosen are basically the opposite of those we used to choose our “2014 List of the Worst States for Retirement”, although we decided to also give weight to (more…)

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