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Brookfield Residential at Two Rivers is a brand new community designed for those 55+, and offers an abundance of opportunities for a vibr...

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Fairfield Glade, a stunning master-planned community, is perched high atop the Cumberland Plateau, and offers serene mountain beauty as i...

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Cresswind Georgia at Twin Lakes is a new, gated 55+ community in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. With a focus on fitness, relationships,...

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Embrey Mill® is an all-ages master-planned community located in Stafford, Virginia, just north of Fredericksburg, and offers a totally st...

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Life at Heritage Shores is full of amenities, activities and social opportunities. When you live here, each day can be as active or laid ...


What’s in a Name. And How Do Active Adult Communities Get Their Names?

Category: Active adult communities

December 27, 2017 — When we name something, either personally or for business, we are usually trying to accomplish some kind of purpose. In our personal lives, naming a child might include an aspirational goal- naming her after a virtue like Hope, a saint like Mary, or a big success story like Morgan. Perhaps the purpose might to give Junior a name that sounds pretty or fits well with your last name. Or it could be to hand down a family name, or reflect a likable character from a book or movie.

Naming goals are just as important when it comes to active and 55+ communities. So what goes on when developers put on their thinking caps, brainstorming for a name to fit their new retirement community? What attributes will they try to use to position their new property with their target audience (you!) While there are many that are unusual or exotic (Cantamia), whimsical (On Top of the World), or seemingly random (Abacoa) names of communities, there is a tremendous amount of repetition and commonality in active adult and 55+ community names. In this article we will (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 26th, 2017

Are Their Alternatives to The Villages – You Bet!

Category: Active adult communities

December 26, 2017 — Many people have heard about The Villages, the giant active adult community in north-central Florida that spans 3 counties. They know it is big (over 110,000 residents), has massive numbers of golf courses and swimming pools, and has more clubs and activities than anyone could ever even sample. But maybe they aren’t sure about the location, or don’t know if a community that big would be right for them. If you happen to be one of the people who are curious to learn about alternatives to The Villages, there is good news – there are many to consider.

To help you find other communities that are very large we have just updated two of very popular “Villages Alternatives” articles. One is devoted to very large active communities in the East, and the other to those in the West. In all we have 17 communities in the Topretirements database that have more than 10,000 residents, and another 500+ that have more than 1,000. These communities are situated in many states, but most are in Florida, Arizona, and California.

Check them out
Alternatives to The Villages – East
Alternatives in the West

Posted by Admin on December 25th, 2017

How the New Tax Bill Affects You As a Retiree

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

December 19, 2017 — The imminent passage of the Republican tax bill makes us wonder how our audience – retirees and people about to retire – will be affected by it. We will attempt to answer that question here, recognizing that everyone’s situation is unique and might be affected differently. We are not tax experts, but have tried to digest various media reports to provide this overview.

The bill will have direct effects on retirees in 2018, as well as some possible indirect effects down the road. Let’s look at each of those in turn.

Direct effects on retirees
1. Lower tax payments. With the exception of the people described in #4 below, almost everyone will pay lower federal taxes in 2018 than they do now. However, those cuts will expire in 2025.
Effect: Good news for retirees who pay taxes, except in those who live in high tax states. Who wouldn’t want to pay lower taxes!

2. The standard deduction is now much higher, at $12,000 per person vs. the current $6500. This means that far fewer people will have enough deductions to itemize, and filing will be simplified. On the other hand the current personal deduction of $4500 has been eliminated, so the net effect in the increase in the standard exemption (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 18th, 2017

The 8 Most Interesting Places to Retire in the USA

Category: Best Retirement Towns and States

December 13, 2017 — How about this for a rhetorical question: would you like to retire in a boring place? Of course not, why would anyone choose an uninteresting place to retire. Unfortunately, many people are lazy about their decision about where to retire. The result: they end up living in a place with a lot less day to day zip than they could have had. This article will give you our ideas on the 8 most interesting places to retire in the USA, by region. We hope you will contribute your suggestions in the Comments section at the end of the article.

What makes an interesting place to retire?
Everyone probably has a different idea about what makes a town or city interesting. While a beautiful town is a great attribute in a place to retire, that is only one thing that might make it interesting. Here are some of our possibilities for what make might make (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 12th, 2017

Which Is Better: An Established 55+ Community Or a New One?

Category: Active adult communities

December 6, 2017 — Which is the smarter option: buy a home in a new 55+ or active adult community, or (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 5th, 2017

Living the Retirement Life at Lake Tahoe

Category: Best Retirement Towns and States

Part One: A Tale of Some (Very Different) Cities at Tahoe
By Flo Williamson

Beautiful Lake Tahoe is a wonderful retirement destination for well-heeled retirees who love all things outdoors. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains about 50 miles south of Reno, NV, this famous vacation resort area offers recreational activities and more. Lake Tahoe is about 11 miles wide and 21 miles long running north to south. The eastern third is in Nevada, with the western two thirds in California. Starting at the upper eastern portion of the lake in Nevada, we’ll take a look at the (more…)

Posted by Admin on December 2nd, 2017