March 2.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We were very pleased with the member reaction to last week's "What is Your Social Security IQ" quiz - almost 6,000 people have taken it so far. In fact wrote an article about it, "Few Ace This Social Security Quiz".

In this week's issue we provide a recap of how you did on that Quiz. Plus, we've brought back an updated article from our "Retirement 101 Series"; this one's on retirement in New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.
Part of a series on what it is like to retire in different areas of the USA, this installment discusses retirement in this popular  trio of Southwest states. Learn more about each state including tax and other comparisons.  There are links to all the regions in the series.
Golf courses, beaches, and "plantations" are some of the attractions in this famous resort and retirement destination.  It is located on the coast near Charleston, close to the southern edge of SC.
Almost 6,000 people have taken our Social Security Quiz since we launched it last week.  The quiz is hard and the scores reflect that, but the good news is that a whole lot of learning went on. This article reviews the results, including which questions had the biggest misconceptions.  Plus more commentary on all 11 questions.
This fast growing town in south-central NM has many attractions. Those include a horse racing track, a community college, casino, and nearby ski resort. It is very popular for people who love the outdoors.
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