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Welcome to Topretirements Best Places Newsletter for September 20.  Today we continue our series on how a continuing stream of major hurricanes and other disasters is changing people's thoughts about where to retire.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

The second largest city in Colorado has the US Air Force Academy and Pikes Peak, among other attractions.  Many boomers choose to retire here for a great outdoor lifestyle paired with a variety of places to live - from Victorian homes to active adult communities.

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Natural Disasters Changing Worst Places to Retire Lists

We continue Part 2 of our Natural Disaster and Retirement series. This time we explain the major disasters that could ruin your retirement, and, since almost nowhere is totally free of natural calamities, explain how you can cope with them.

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FInd Your Best Place to Retire

We've Had a Lot of Comments Lately - Keep 'em Coming!

One of the best things we appreciate about the people who come to Topretirements is the many interesting comments they make.  There have been some quite wonderful ones lately, adding useful info to many different topics (some posts have 100s of comments!) Here are some tips on how to start a conversation, plus how to keep them on track. Nothing stops a great thread faster than someone randomly posting an un-related comment. Read on...

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Did Equifax Let Your Credit Info Get Hacked?

It was depressing to learn that yet another of the sites we trusted let itself get hacked, and now our most private financial data is on the loose. Here is how to find out if you got hacked (chances are you were) , and what to do about it.

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