February 19.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We hope you have been enjoying the excitement of the  Winter Olympics. You will note an Olympic theme to the 2 retirement towns profiled in this issue.

Even though we try not to, most of us have our biases about people and things. This article explores common stereotypes about retirement spots, like climate, taxes, and the culture available in different regions.  For each we've provided some exceptions that might open up new places to retire.
In honor of the Olympics this issue features nice retirement towns with an Olympic past.  Gainesville is the home of Lake Lanier,  the beautiful site for many of the canoeing and rowing events in the 1996 Olympics.
Would you be interested in buying an annuity if you knew your purchase would help the salesperson win a Maserati? This article explores due diligence you need to take before you make a big financial decision.
Here is our second retirement town with an Olympic past. The facilities built or expanded in and near Ogden for the Salt Lake City Olympics of 2002 are a plus today for anyone interested in winter sports.
If you've ever thought about checking out the Florida Keys as a potential retirement spot, here is an easy way to do that without leaving your easy chair. Lucy Burdette's newest novel, the fourth in her culinary mystery series, takes place on the charming streets and tasty restaurants of this southern mostcity.
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