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February 8, 2019 — Key West, FL — Retirement is an opportunity for a “Do-over” on life. Unfortunately, many people slide into retirement completely unprepared to seize that opportunity. To help baby boomers make their much anticipated retirement the best it can be, the editors at are developing an exciting new online training course.

Coping with a savings shortfall

The free self-paced online training series starts with Module 1: An Introduction to Retirement Planning. Each lesson features interactive tools like checklists, homework exercises, and quizzes. The course is designed to help prospective retirees understand and prepare for the challenges and opportunities retirement provides, before they exit their workaday life. At least 10 modules are planned, which prospective retirees can take to fit their own schedule and needs. Module 2, for example, focuses on how to face retirement if, like most people, their retirements are far less than $1 million. That Module includes a prototype budget spreadsheet that helps them estimate retirement income and expenses, as well as a variety of suggestions for coping with a budget shortfall.

Suggestions pouring in

John Brady, Founder of commented on the new course: “The most exciting thing came after we asked for if visitors had suggestions for what should be in the course. That generated 57 user comments and ideas, with more still coming in, so we immediately knew this was a topic that people were hungering for.” Most frequently requested was a lesson on “how to retire on way less than $1 million”, but there was also a surprising level of interest for help on social issues such as how to make friends and maintain a social life in retirement. Future online lessons will cover topics like: Having the talk (couples finding out if they agree on retirement plans), Social Security and Medicare strategies, Money saving ideas, Deciding where to live, Downsizing, Living near family, etc.

Here is a link to “Module 1: Retirement Planning 101” with more details.


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