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Dig up the Shuffleboard Courts And Don't Call Me a Senior Says Baby Boomers Require Different Retirement Pitch Than Their Parents

Madison , CT. March 14, 2007 Every day almost 8000 of the 76 million baby boomers hit the big six-oh. This demographic tsunami has not gone unnoticed by real estate developers, because with that milestone often comes thoughts of where to live next. In the Sunbelt and every state of the union vast swaths of land are being bulldozed into new retirement communities.

Yet some industry professionals have been slow to understand the important ways in which this generation differs from their parents, says John Brady, President of The successful developers increasingly deliver the product that baby boomers want in their next home downstairs master bedrooms, home offices, easy to manage properties, and an active lifestyle with everything from golf to sky-diving. The package is getting better , says Brady, it is the message that is often tone-deaf .

Flinching at the term Senior
He urges the industry to tune in to this generation's unique psychographics. Baby boomers, the largest demographic bulge ever, were celebrated by their newly affluent post WWII parents. Their sheer numbers overwhelmed the schools, revolutionized music and popular culture, and finally overturned an unpopular war. Youth is at the core of its identity, so it is easy to see why the terms senior or retirement communities grate on their ears, Brady said. These hot buttons connote shuffleboard courts and canasta tournaments, activities that might have been fine for their parents, but which will repel any self-respecting boomer.

Many top developers are getting the message. Drive south on I 95 through the Carolinas and you'll see countless billboards for active adult communities , where one can relentlessly pursue that active adult lifestyle . Other alternative terms are 55+, 50 plus, age-restricted or simply active communities.

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