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Wrong Question: What is the Best Retirement Community?

Madison, CT. October 3 As it ages the baby boomer population bulge is experiencing yet another epic migration. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, almost 3.3 million people 55 or over moved between 2004-2005. Many retiring boomers come to looking for an answer to a simple question What is the best retirement community?

John Brady, Topretirements editor, urges his fellow boomers to start their quest for their perfect retirement community one step earlier - by taking a basic self-inventory. A better way to start this search is to explore your unique set of circumstances and preferences he says. Once baby boomers have done that, he explains, It is a lot easier to narrow down your search to the best retirement communities - for you. Going through this process also helps avoid the heartache and expense that comes with rushing into a community that is a bad fit.

Topretirements has a Free eBook, The Baby Boomers Guide to Selecting a Retirement: 16 Factors You Need to Consider , to make this process easier and more fun. Visitors to the website can download the eBook at ./Ebookdownloadguest.html at no charge.

Top questions for a top retirement
Here are some of the key questions the Baby Boomers Guide asks:

  • What family factors affect your choice?
  • Is your dream the same as your spouse s? Look out if you are thinking Florida, golf, and gated - and your wife is thinking Carolinas, charming downtown, and walking trails.
  • Full time or part-time? Residences in 2 different climates can be ideal if you can afford it.
  • What is your budget? The average baby boomer has saved a paltry $50,000 for retirement. For those fortunate enough to live in a high-cost area, however, there are many ways to trade your home equity for a comfortable situation elsewhere.
  • Will you work in retirement?

The editors at Topretirements urge all baby boomers to answer all 16 questions, and then use the website s objective reviews to find their best retirement community.

This website has independent reviews of the best retirement towns and communities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Besides photos and maps, the site offers a free weekly retirement community newsletterwith inside information about the best active adult communities. Find your perfect retirement community!

For more information:
Contact: John Brady
203 415-4792

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