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What It Is Like to Retire in Halifax

Retirement to the southeast Atlantic coast of Canada isn’t probably for everyone. But for adventurous souls who would like to retire in an unspoiled natural setting and a cosmopolitan location, Halifax, Nova Scotia represents an ideal choice. Located on a lovely and huge natural harbor there are ample opportunities to live on the waterfront or near the water for a reasonable price. Halifax, now a community within the Halifax Regional Municipality, has a great support system for seniors and is welcoming to new residents and visitors (check Canadian laws regarding residence for non-Canadians, permanent residential status may be required to live here full-time.) Anyone may buy property in Nova Scotia.

Halifax now incorporates three cities which were previously independent: Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford, and rural Halifax County. The combined Halifax Regional Municipality has a population of 360,000.  The weather is surprisingly mild for Canada, due to its location well to the south of Montreal.  There are several universities in Halifax including Dalhousie University and Saint Mary's University.

Where to Retire in Halifax and Home Prices

There are ample housing opportunities for active adults who want to live in Halifax. Prices and atmospheres differ dramatically by neighborhood.The south end of the Halifax peninsula is the most expensive and the most charming. Rural areas to the inland, many of which are on lakes, offer extremely reasonable prices. We have been unable to find any active adult communities near Halifax, although we believe they must exist.
Home prices tend to be roughly equivalent to U.S. levels, with plenty of modest homes available in the $100's (Canadian). More stately homes on the water can be in the $700's to over $1 million. Still, it is a relative bargain for waterfront or waterfront area property. Here is a link to a map of Halifax.

What Is Special about Halifax

•    Beautiful, unspoiled  setting
•    More than 3800 islands – some are for sale
•    Low prices for waterfront living
•    Charming downtown and harbor areas
•    Irish, Scottish, and English heritage

What Is Not Special about Halifax

• It is far from anything • Could become small world unless you like living in small environment • It’s still Canada, winters are cold and the water is never swimmable

Who Will Like Retirement in Halifax

Retirees tend to be adventurous types who like living in a charming environment near the outdoors. Nova Scotia is popular with Canadians and Europeans, but not so many Americans live or retire here. One reason is that Halifax is not on the way to anywhere, as it almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Bay of Fundy, the Northumberland Strait, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Local Economy Is Driven by

Tourism, fishing, government, Education, business

Climate and Physical Environment

Halifax is situated on the eastern coast of Canada. It's climate is milder than inland Canada. The province is half the size of Pennsylvania. The town is on one of the largest natural harbors in the world. The coastline is craggy and immense, the interior is heavily wooded. The mean Jan. temperature is 24 F. There is plenty of precipitation year-round; the climate has a maritime influence.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

As a tourist destination there is always something to do in Halifax, particularly since it has had such an interesting history under several different flags.Halifax Wikipedia page.


Compared to the rest of Canada, Halifax's crime rate is relatively high.

Medical Facilities

There are many hospitals in Halifax


Halifax Regional Airport is just outside of town

Valuable Links

Halifax on Wikipedia

What people are saying about Halifax

selected as top 10 most popular
Hope you all saw that Halifax made the list of top 10 most popular retirement towns. Good news for a very interesting community. http://www.topretirements.com/blog/active-adult-communities/10-most-popular-retirement-towns-announced.html
Posted by readytoplay on August 19, 2007
Halifax is in Canada, so it is cold. But surprisngly, due to its location on the water, not as bad as you might expect. The city is truly charming and the U.S. dollar goes far. The place is out of the way and hard to get too. It tends to appeal to adventurers and people who love the rugged beauty of the coast. Take a trip up and check it out!
Posted by readytoplay on March 26, 2007

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