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What It Is Like to Retire in Nice

Nice is one of the largest cities in southern France. This region of the Cote d'Azur has the warmest climate in France as well the aqua blue (although stony) beaches of the mediterranean sea. Nice and its surrounding towns make for a livable retirement spot for those seeking the relaxed lifestyle offered in the south of France. The city slopes away from the sea to elegant boulevards and charming old streets. It is a dense town characterized by large but attractive apartment buildings and stores. There are several pedestrian only streets lined by shops and sidewalk cafes. Stretching for miles along the stony beach is a pedestrian boulevard, the Boulevard des Anglais,  where strolling walkers and bicyclists can take in the sea and crowds of sun worshipers below. This city of 350,000 has many beautiful squares, churches, and neighborhoods. It is thought to be one of the oldest inhabited settlements in Europe, with evidence of habitation from 400,000 years ago. The Greeks formed a settlement here several hundred years before Christ.

Where to Retire in Nice and Home Prices

Most people in Nice seem to own or rent in the many large apartment buildings that dominate. Further out if town or in the smaller villages individual homes are available. Rentals can be had for less than 1000 euros/month, while apartments start at over 100,000.

What Is Special about Nice

The giant yachts in the picturesque harbor (anything under 100 ft. Looks pint-sized) gives you the quick impression that nice is the playground of the world's wealthiest folks. The beautiful sea, livable town, its luxury shops, restaurants, and museums make Nice an extraordinary place to live.

What Is Not Special about Nice

Nice is a very expensive place to live. It's big and has an urban rather than a small town feel to it. Although many people from France winter here because it has the mildest temperatures in France, it is too cold in winter to use the beach.

Who Will Like Retirement in Nice

Europeans from the north would feel very comfortable in Nice. Americans slightly less so unless they are seeking the European experience. English is widespread. Nice has long been popular as a vacation and second home location for people from Great Britain.

Local Economy Is Driven by

Tourism is the dominant local industry, although it is also the most important city in the region.

Climate and Physical Environment

Nice enjoys a Mediterranean climate along the coast of southern France. Winters can get chilly but will be much milder than anywhere else in France. Nice is the last town in France before Italy.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Nice enjoys a rich cultural scene. There are frequent concerts. Many artists live here and galleries of all types of art are everywhere. Nice is filled with charming sidewalk cafes, bakeries, and restaurants. There is an excellent museum of contemporary art, the Matisse Museum, and the Chagall Museum, among others


Nice experiences the crime associated with a tourist center and large city.

Medical Facilities

Nice is a major city with first class medical care from hospitals and specialists of all types.


Nice has excellent public transportation with frequent connections to the rest of Europe by rail and air. Its shiny new trams intersect the city along with many bus routes. The Nice airport, 2nd busiest in France, provides air service.

Valuable Links

Nice Convention and Visitors Bureau

What people are saying about Nice

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