Guide to the great college town retirements

Great College Towns for Retirement

Most baby boomers have fond memories of their college days. So when it comes time for retirement, what better place to live than where your adult life began. College towns are usuallly charming and always alive with sports, culture, and young people. Most people find the youthful atmosphere stimulating, particularly compared to living only with only older people. Many colleges provide excellent and low cost classes and programs for local residents too.

Check out these great college towns for retirement- so what if you didn't get into Princeton the first time - now you can buy your way in!

Princeton Campus

Princeton New Jersey Retirement

Best College Towns
This is just a small sample of the college towns at Topretirements, see how to find more at the end of this page.

- Ann Arbor college town

- Athens Georgia

- Austin Texas

- Boulder Colorado- college town

- Bowling Green Kentucky

- Clemson South Carolina

- Charlottesville Virginia college town retirement

- Columbia Missouri college town retirement

- Eugene Oregon university town retirement

- Gainesville Florida college town

- Hattiesburg Mississippi

- Iowa City retirement

- Ithaca New York college town retirement

- Lawrence Kansas

- Middlebury Vermont

- Missoula Montana

- Morgantown West Virginia

- Murray Kentucky college town retirement

- Northhampton Massachusetts

- Northfield Minnesota

- Oxford Mississippi

- Oxford Ohio

- Princeton New Jersey college town

- San Luis Obispo

- State College PA

- Tallahassee Florida college town retirement

- Walla Walla Washington

- Williamstown Massachusetts

And more! See our 2 part series that reviews almost 50 great college towns. Here is the link to Part 1: "Should You Be Applying to a College Town for Retirement"?

Use our convenient Search to find  towns of almost any kind - from golf to urban environments at Topretirements. When you get to this page go to Advanced Search. There is a column called "Environment". Check the box in that column called "College Town" and then click the orange "Go" button. You should get a result with more than 250 college towns reviewed on this site.


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